Review: Carousel Kings – Plus Ultra

Carousel Kings sound exactly like you think they would. If we can boil the pop punk genre down to its absolute essentials: upbeat...

Review: Kyprian’s Circle – Noitatulen Vartija

A 90s Finnish black metal echo from the past.

Album Review: Beastmaker – Inside The Skull

Remember when Airbourne first came out, and people immediately compared them to AC/DC? A band of four guys, two are brothers, who sounded like...


Prepare yourselves for a return to form from Winds of Plague's newest release, the band's sixth release provides fans with a new overhauled design...

Album Review: At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself

At the Gates are arguably the heaviest of the “big three" bands typically held up as proponents of the Gothenburg sound – the other...


Cavalera Conspiracy is an American Heavy Metal band founded by Brazilian brothers Max and Iggor Cavalera, both notoriously known for being the ‘founding fathers’...

EP Review: Life Pilot – Too Hot For Killing

Underneath their erratic energy and behaviour, this Aussie band has many underlying concepts and layers that are uncovered with each listen, showing beauty in their artistic chaos.

Review: Leaves’ Eyes – Sign of the Dragonhead

Singer Elina Siirala immediately establishes her own identity within the band that both opens a new era, while respecting the continuity of what went before.

Review: Sleep In Heads – On The Air

On the Air marks the debut of Ukrainian atmospheric prog-metal outfit Sleep in Heads. Boasting a full bodied soundscape that remains fresh while paying...

Review: Zealotry – At The Nexus Of Stillborn Worlds

An impossible combination of density, technicality and melody converge on a harrowing death metal experience.

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