Shaping Metal: Three Influential Melodic Metalcore Albums of The Noughties

We take a look at three of the most influential melodic metalcore albums of the 2000's with Trivium, Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine.

The Art of Touring: DAVEY SUICIDE / TWIZTID’s Sean “Drayven” Davidson

Welcome to THE ART OF TOURING, where we discuss the ins and outs of the not-so glamorous world of touring with different artists from...

Industry Spotlight: Sam Dunn – Creator of Banger Films/BangerTV

Photo by Dustin Rabin Sam Dunn. Maker of multiple award-winning metal documentaries such as Metal: A Headbangers’ Journey, Global Metal, the widely acclaimed Metal Evolution...

Shaping Metal: Top 4 Influential Progressive ‘Djent’ Metal Albums

Perhaps one of the most highly contentious subgenres to exist ‘Djent’ was originally a musical term synonymous with a high gain, percussive and metallic guitar tone/playing style.

A Beginner’s Guide to Pantera

History: Forming in Texas in 1981, Pantera were initially a Hair Metal band before, after four failed albums, they got in Phil Anselmo as lead...

A Beginner’s Guide to MANOWAR

History: Manowar formed in 1980, releasing their first album, Battle Hymns. Although hailing from New York, their success in the USA dried up quickly, the...

Gear Rundown – Steve Vai’s Signature Ibanez JEM-JR Guitar

Overview The Ibanez JEM-JR is fantastic low budget alternative for guitarists wishing to get the look of Steve Vai’s iconic JEM guitar, as well as...

How2Guitar with Ben Plant: Ormsby Goliath GTR Guitar Review

Ben's the space-faring guitarist from Hybrid Nightmares, the masters of progressive extreme metal renown for their stage shows. He's also the founder...


Australia is a far-flung ex-penal colony filled with deadly wildlife and harsh natural conditions. Most of the continent is a bleak desert wasteland, with...

Shaping Metal: Top 3 Influential Blackgaze albums of the 2000’s

In the last decade, the underground metal scene has experienced an explosion in a plethora of bands who seek to combine the ferocious energy of black metal with the peculiar influence of post-rock

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