Formerly known as “Hard Drive Agency”, Pinnacle Artist Services (PAS) was founded in 2018 by Octane Entertainment CEO Bailey Graham with one goal in mind – to create a cost-effective destination for independent artists and labels to build their brand and expand their reach.

Pinnacle focuses on management, development, booking and PR, steering artists in the right directions and make the best decisions possible to succeed in the industry. We ensure that every client is presented in the most professional way possible to secure your name on as many opportunities as possible. We will build your campaigns with you to ensure your albums and shows reach maximum exposure and land you a spot on the biggest festivals and tours in the world!

Pinnacle Artist Services is committed to an affordable approach to world-class development.



Rockpedia’s team of committed managers and consultants work with artists across the world to further build and develop their branding and expand their reach to the far corners of the world. We gear you up for upcoming touring and release schedules, source labels, endorsements and further development opportunities for you. Whether you’re an independent artist looking to gain the proper footing in the industry, to a well-seasoned industry veteran looking for a team to handle your administrative duties – Pinnacle’s management team is the ideal choice!


Our team of booking agents specialise in tour and festival bookings across the world. Whether you’re a small band looking to embark on your first support act run, to larger bands looking to tour internationally, we’re here to make that happen! Our network of partner promoters and agents across Australia, Japan, North America and Europe has given us the edge in securing magnificent touring opportunities for our clients, and we only hope to continue such work for future clients.


Got an upcoming tour in need of promotion? Got an upcoming independent release and need to score some reviews? Let our team of experienced publicists work with you to ensure maximum exposure for your projects! We work with you from the start of the promotion phase to the release/show dates to make sure your target audience is absolutely saturated with your upcoming event/release.


Not after a full service, and just need to ask a few questions? We can help! Our consultancy team is available for aspiring artists to receiving affordable, professional advice on everything from touring to labels.


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