It’s an exciting time to be a Rhapsody fan, with Turilli/Lione Rhapsody about to begin their very first Australian east coast tour! With the band having already touched down in Sydney, it was an opportune time to catch up with guitarist and lyrical mastermind Luca Turilli to capture his first impressions of the land Down Under.

“It’s absolutely amazing, as expected!” Turilli enthuses. “We were coming from Japan, so we were totally tired, because we played four shows consecutively and then travelled. We arrived here and first thing, we went to the Opera House! Brilliant, I love it.”

Turilli then reveals that he’s currently working on a new project while the rest of the band tackle the tourist activities, but he keeps his cards close to his chest on that one. So we’ll have to look forward to hearing more about it when the time is right!

As for Japan, Turilli reflects that it was, “Amazing as always. This is one of the tours I like the most. Coming from Europe, Russia. Russia was a big surprise, because of the number of people. But I fell in love with Japan 20 years ago. It’s a special place to tour, we’re quite well known there, they know our music. We have a faithful audience. Now we’re in Australia for the first time, and we don’t know what to expect! For me, I love these kind of countries because of the nature. I’m a big lover of nature, Mother Nature is always present in our lyrics. It’s always a big source of inspiration to come to this kind of country.

“When you visit a country for the first time, it’s always very emotional. You meet those people for the first time, but we don’t know what to expect. Every country has a typical audience in some way. The Japanese especially, with their way of life, their attitude to the show. It’s very specific. But our expectations here are great, of course!”

It’s pointed out that the Australian audiences are likely to vary from city to city, and Turilli jumps in, “Ah, it’s like that in Japan as well! From Tokyo to Osaka is very different. And in Australia you have such great distances between one city and another. It’s like in Italy,” he reflects on his home country, “when you go to the north, you have a particular kind of audience, when you go to the south, completely different.”

Putting the tour to one side, it comes time to go into some real depth on Turilli/Lione’s recently released album, ‘Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution).’ The album’s opening track Phoenix Rising introduces the curious concept of “sacred geometry,” and Turilli elaborates on what it’s all about.

“I like to use a lot of metaphors and allegories. I did the same thing with the Saga; there was the main Saga for the people who wanted to enjoy this tale, and for others there was a deeper meaning. The Saga tackles different subjects, some more complicated, some less. Phoenix Rising is a good example of our evolution, lyrically speaking. We start with the words, ‘Through the shape of the square and the circle, I will look to realise who we are, I will tune to the laws of forever, While decrypting space and time.’ Here I wanted to present the rebirth and evolution of the band, told in some way through the shape of the square and the circle. Analysing humankind in its evolutionary process through the square means the more angular side, the darker aspect or complications in the process. But the circle is the perfect contra position to the square, representing the spiritual side of the process. I want to analyse the process from both perspectives. By doing that, we will finally realise in a deeper way who we really are. To try to understand this process is an act of deep reflection. In that moment, ‘I will tune to the laws of forever, decrypting space and time:’ I will understand part of the evolutionary process. But it’s not so important to understand it,” he hastens to point out. “It’s important to take the time to reflect. That’s what I intend. And it’s connected to what I do in my daily life,” he expresses openly, “I practice yoga and meditation, so I’m really connected to the spiritual aspect of existence in some ways. Once you start with those things, it’s difficult to speak about other subjects!”

The subject matter carries over to D.N.A. (Demon and Angel), where “it’s about psychology, another perspective to Phoenix Rising, but the subject is the same. The darkness and light being part of us. It’s important to discover your dark side, know your dark side to be able to finally control it. There are some people living among us who think they’re just light, and they’re the most dangerous people!” Turilli laughs. “They don’t have a consciousness of their dark side. Psychology teaches with those kind of people, when you put them in a certain situation, the monster can come outside. They’re the people who under pressure, will explode the most.”

In summary, Turilli suggests that once you’ve developed an interest in the spiritual aspects of life, “You cannot write any more about simple things outside the process of evolution. You look back on things you wrote when you were 20, and you realise at the time you wrote those kinds of things because you didn’t know what you would discover later. But of course, it’s process. You have to accept every step because it’s part of your evolution.”

Australian Rhapsody fans can discover the rebirth and evolution themselves in Sydney and Brisbane, and at Melbourne’s inaugural Southern Gathering Festival!