Words by Matt Maric; Photos by Andrew Basso

After making their way past Brisbane on Thursday and Sydney on Saturday, it was Melbourne’s turn last night to experience the full on assault that The Amity Affliction had in store on the back of their newest album. Mind you long before Amity graced the stage, there was an insane amount of musical talent to be showcased!

Kicking off the night were Pagan and whilst the night was still very early, this four piece still performed to a couple of hundred people. Getting straight into business, front woman Nikki took a minute during the first song to introduce Matt on drums, Xavier on guitar and Dan on bass before introducing herself as the host for the evening. 

During the introduction for Death Before Disco, Nikki pointed out how a small group of bodies spinning in the pit “had the right fucking idea”, whilst she spent a fair portion of the set at the end of the little runway and being as close to fans as she could. Before dedicating their fourth song to “all the women in attendance, as well as anyone who feels like they are part of a minority”, Nikki also went on to explain how her first time screaming was listening to Amity’s Anchors whilst in the car with her twin sister.

As Pagan’s set drew to a close, the number of people in attendance had grown exponentially and it showed, as they were left wanting more and chanting for one more song after Pagan left the stage and the lights had dimmed.

The number of people in attendance kept exponentially increasing as Crossfaith announced it was time for their set to begin; first they had a countdown from ten to zero, before playing intro track Dues Ex Machina as the band made their way onto the stage. As each band member assumed their positions, front man Ken stood proudly in the middle of the stage waving a flag with their logo before they kicked off their set with Catastrophe.

Treating fans to a blast from the past with Monolith before playing The Perfect Nightmare, Ken made sure to get everyone kneeling so at the count of 3, they could jump and explode at the start of Kill ‘Em All. Ken also made sure that security were hard at work, calling for crowd surfers so he could deliver them a high five as they were lifted from the pit! 

During the interlude mid set, Ken wanted to know “do you like live music or rock music…what about heavy fucking metal? What about electronic and dance?” before ordering those in the pit to raise/clap their hands or bounce in unison. Throughout Freedom, the pit was ordered to raise their middle fingers to the sky, before Ken was successful in splitting the circle pit into a Wall of Death during closing song Leviathan; even though the pit was full of energy, not a single person broke the lines until instructed to do so. 

By the time Underoath graced the stage, the pit at Melbourne Arena was almost completely full and the energy was super intense! Kicking off their set, it was only a matter of seconds before front man Spencer Chamberlin found himself at the end of the runway with a sea of raised hands across the pit. The transition between the first and second song was almost completely seamless, with the only reason it being noticeable was due to Spencer mentioning “they were about to play a newer song”. It wasn’t long before Spencer noticed the circle pit that had been in action since Pagan first started, as he quipped “if we can make this bigger, we’ll play the happiest song we’ve ever written” before treating those in attendance to “Breathing In A New Mentality”. 

As Underoath made their way through the middle part of their set, the energy continued to raise as those in attendance made sure to show their appreciation by raising their hands every time they were asked; Spencer took the opportunity to make sure the pit showed their appreciation for both Pagan and Crossfaith, before taking fans on a trip back to his debut album by performing A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White. After this, Spencer wanted to hear a “HELL YEAH” if fans were having fun; to which he was met with a resounding response.

Spencer then wanted to know who had been to more than one show on this tour and after noticing a few hands shoot up, he made sure to thank those for the dedication/keeping live music around! At this point in time he announced there were only two songs left, before introducing Writing On The Walls. Not content with staying on the stage, Spencer crowsurfed about 15 rows deep before returning to the stage and concluding the song. Drawing their set to a close by dedicating final song Sink With You as a thank you for Amity inviting them on this tour, Spencer made sure fans knew they’ll be back next year!

At this point of the evening, the ambience and energy within Melbourne Arena was enough to almost blow the closed roof off the venue as fans eagerly awaited for Amity to grace the stage. Mind you, this eagerness meant Amity had to bring their A game and they most definitely didn’t disappoint! 

The loud roar that went up as the four piece from Brisbane walked out on stage was enough to shake the foundations as Amity kicked off their set with Drag The Lake, before returning the favour by dedicating Ivy (Doomsday) to Underoath. The hits continued to come hard and fast, as I Bring The Weather With Me paved the way for Amity’s most recently released single All My Friends Are Dead.

Making sure those in attendance were still alive by launching into This Could Be Heartbreak and Shine On, Nikki from Pagan then joined the boys on stage for their performance of Anchors. Bodies were flying, fists were being raised and voices were in unison as Amity tore through the middle of their set; D.I.E and Open Letter paved the way for Joe Longobardi to steal the show and perform a little drum solo whilst on a small riser.

As Amity worked their way through the last portion of their set, they kept fans on their toes by treating them to a good mixture of songs throughout their career, performing hits such as Feels Like I’m Dying, Death’s Hand, Chasing Ghosts, Don’t Lean On Me and Pittsburgh before drawing the set to a close and leaving the stage. However much like Pagan’s set ended, fans wanted “one more song” and Amity made sure to deliver, closing off the night and the tour with All Fucked Up.

Drag The Lake
Ivy (Doomsday)
I Bring The Weather With Me
All My Friends Are Dead
This Could Be Heartbreak
Shine On
Anchors (With Nikki from Pagan)
Open Letter
Drum Solo
Feels Like I’m Dying
Death’s Hand
Chasing Ghosts
Don’t Lean On Me

All Fucked Up