Lewis Allan

Though only emerging as a live band in late 2016, melodic death metal powerhouse Obsidian Monolith have made a name for themselves by performing on some of Melbourne’s heaviest local line-ups.  They have also displayed an uncompromising work ethic that has so far resulted in the 2018 EP, ‘The Descent,’ followed by 2019’s full-length, ‘Manifest.’ Obsidian Monolith are taking no time to rest however, as they emerge with a new and powerful single, Promise of Oblivion.

Obsidian Monolith’s melodeath roots are plain to hear straight away, with a guitar tone strongly reminiscent of Gothenburg progenitors Dark Tranquillity. Band founder Maurizio Piras delivers shredding leads over the chunky, heavy riffing of Dean Lushaj, and a rumbling bassline delivered by Bryce Hubai. These sounds are supported by the staccato drumming of former Destroyer 666 sticksman Warren Vassallo (also of Anatomy); and it all comes together with an impressive opening roar from Axel Kilby, whose tone and delivery could fairly be compared to Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth.

Promise of Oblivion is itself an example of pure, no-nonsense melodic Death Metal – fast in all the right places without compromising on heavy tonality. From the opening shredding and riffs, Obsidian Monolith pull back to a head-swaying mid-tempo in a beautifully smooth transition. When the time comes for Kilby’s vocals to fade out momentarily, the mood becomes more haunting and dire, and the song delves into heavier depths that conjure the nihilism that is a hallmark of Obsidian Monolith’s work. This immersion in negativity is brief however, as Piras’ lead guitars return to the forefront in full circle, showcasing his dexterity and recapturing the opening melodic mood of the song.

As Promise of Oblivion comes to a close, a heavy riffing section absorbs Kilby’s vocals as they become a discordant aspect of a looming wall of sound.

If this is a harbinger of the bleak sounds to come of an emerging melodeath force, Melbourne metal fans have a lot to look forward to. And to hear it for yourself, you can catch Obsidian Monolith at Death to Spring on September 20, along with Eternal Rest, Inhuman Remnants, Myridian and As Flesh Decays.

Death to Spring pre-sale tickets are available here and you can visit Obsidian Monolith’s Bandcamp here.