While it was only a couple of weeks ago that Lagerstein released their third album ‘25/7’ to the masses, that release date must seem like a long time ago for those aboard the S.S Plunderberg.  As fans around the world were eagerly awaiting August 23, Lagerstein were celebrating the launch with a European tour that included a performance at Wacken 2019.  Getting to speak to a band in the midst of a tour is quite rare and not an opportunity to be turned down. Not only was keytarist/violinist Mother Junkst kind enough to speak about ‘25/7’ and the upcoming Endless Rum Australian Tour, he was also brave enough to do so while in a van to Warsaw, Poland after a big night partying.

After earlier settling the stomach with a good ol’ fashioned Maccas breakfast, Mother Junkst kicked off the interview. “It’s awesome to finally have the album out and seeing people enjoy it so much; it’s been a long project to get it there. We can’t wait to bring the new songs around home and play them for all of our hometown crew.” Junkst then moves to how the concept of the battle against the sun to earn that 25th hour came to light.   “We try to do all of our albums as story-telling albums as Lagerstein’s music really suits that, but we wanted to take it to another level on this one. On the last one, we told the story of finding a fountain of rum and with this one, we wanted a story that really links the entire album together. When it came to the concept, we bounced around a lot of concepts to really try and come down on the perfect thing, as we wanted it to tell a story that was quite original and something we’ve never heard before. Obviously Lagerstein is all about partying and it just clicked and made sense.   Once we had the idea we were on a quest to get the 25th hour, we had to work out where we’d get it from; the sun controls the daylight and then the whole story came about from there.”

After a nicely placed five-minute track of ambient beach noises, those still listening are treated to a cover of Australia’s unofficial anthem, Men At Work’s Down Under.  “We were thinking about a cover and a few songs got thrown about. But because we’re all about our Lager Crew, we asked what songs they wanted to hear us cover; Down Under rang loud and clear. We thought that could be pretty cool and from there, Majestic Beast put together an arrangement of it and it all just came together. It was so much fun to play and as Australia is our home and we’re a real Australian band; it seemed really right to do it.”

Not only are fans treated to a very reggae sound during Pina Colada Paraside, they’re also treated to a beautiful duet between Captain Gregaaarrr and a female’s voice, which is not a common occurrence on a Lagerstein album.  “There’s another studio upstairs at Studio Fredman were we recorded, in which a couple of producers were making a bunch of electronic music and Julia was just hanging around. We were having a really good time and she had this great singing voice, which lead to our producer Frederick having the idea of Julia doing the harmonies on the song. We were just so happy with the result as we instantly knew we were onto something and that’s what we’re going to do. We always want to try different things with our music to expand the sound, so it was really natural to have her song, especially on that song.”

It’s always a special treat to have a band performing in the final stages of the lead up to a new album launching, as well as the immediate celebration as that cork is popped.  As previously mentioned, Europe are the lucky recipients this time around. Speaking about how fans have reacted to the new music, Mother Junkst is happy to explain. “It’s been amazing to see people enjoy the music, as we put so much of our heart and soul not only into creating the songs, but also taking them out and sharing them with people. It’s incredible now to be going overseas like Bueno Aires, meeting people who know the lyrics and having them say, ‘this is my favourite song’! Really, it’s just an exciting time for the band right now, as the hard work is done and now the music is out for everyone to enjoy and party with. Plus there’s no better feeling than getting on the road and playing these new songs live we all created together. Not only that, but we had been playing the other songs for a while, so it’s now really fun to be on stage with a fresh set and doing some new stuff.”

Touching further on the previously mentioned Wacken performance, Junkst emphatically reflects. “Dude, it was just incredible and a really surreal experience! Everyone knows about Wacken and we’ve always wanted to go there; since I was 16, I’ve wanted to go there. So to be able to go there for the first time as a group, not only to the festival but to also play was amazing. The reception there was crazy and people went nuts! We then hung around for the whole festival and it was just the best time. Being able to play, before seeing all those awesome bands and hang out with so many cool people…I’d live there if I could.”

Turning towards the upcoming Endless Rum tour, Mother Junkst is all smiles.  “We can’t wait to do the Australian tour, as it’s the biggest and best one we’ve ever done. We have some awesome plans for the production and bringing Lagerstein to life in a way it’s never happened before. We’re also playing on some awesome stages – The Triffid, Max Watts and The Basement especially – that offer a lot of potential for doing something really cool. That’s harder to do in the smaller club size stages we’re playing in Europe. I also think it’s also great the album tour is coming with a small gap after the album was release, as it means people have more time to check out the music and really get familiar with it. We just can’t wait to bring the new Lagerstein to everyone and especially the Australian Lager Crew, who have made us who we are and supported us since day one. There’s nothing better than going and partying with them, while doing what we all love together; we believe in the motto, ‘the show starts when doors opens and doesn’t end until the person leaves’, and live and breathe by it.”