Hailed as one of Europe’s most respected indoor festivals, Barcelona’s annual celebration of instrumental/experimental post-rock and metal returns for its 8th edition!

10-13 October 2019  |  Fabra I Coats, Barcelona

Next month, AMFest, the events arm of Barcelona’s much-loved Aloud Music Ltd returns for another special instalment in its live celebration of instrumental/experimental post-rock and metal.

Having brought together thousands of people over the years, 2019 will play host to the festival’s eighth edition and over four days will showcase some of the world’s biggest and boldest with bands such as Deafheaven, Zeal & Ardor, Alcest, Pelican, Touché Amoré, Daughters, Brutus and so much more. As AMFest member, Mau Barbazza, explains:

“It’s always been a special event for rock and metal lovers in Barcelona. We have massive festivals that happen every year who we obviously can’t compete with in terms of budget, but we’ve always tried to be different and give people what others don’t – we’ve always championed an artistic coherence and vision based on our own personal tastes.”

For over a decade, Aloud Music Ltd, has forged an inseparable bond between themselves, the artists they support and the fans that follow their Aloud Philosophy. Flying the flag of honesty in a business infamous for selling passion for quick profit, Aloud has constantly strived to be different from the get-go. In 2008 they not only embraced free downloading but actively promoted it through their website for all their back-catalogue releases, making it an indispensable portal for those interested in their history and output. 

“Each yeah we try to put together a festival that we’d love to go to,” continues Mau. “Not only in terms of bands but also coolness, comfort, affordable prices and good vibes. Barcelona is a beautiful city, with centuries of history that will leave many open-mouthed. We’re just here to enhance it all with the addition of amazing music.” 

AMFest will take place between 10-13 October 2019 at Fabra I Coats, Barcelona.

To purchase your tickets for the festival visit: entradium.com/en/events/amfest-2019

To hear a special playlist of artists at AMFest, stream and share the official festival Spotify Playlist HERE

Web – amfest.es/eng/
Facebook – facebook.com/AMFest.bcn/
Instagram – instagram.com/amfest_bcn
Twitter – twitter.com/amfest_bcn

“AMFest is one of the most important festivals in our country.”

“AMFest is a small festival, full of passion and specializes in a tendency towards experimental rock. It’s a shelter for instrumental rock.”

“The criteria used by the festival organisers in selecting the bands makes it fresh. They only choose bands with a completely outstanding personality.”

“When you work as hard as AMFest has done, results can only be excellent. The public is loyal and feel the success of the festival is their own.”

“Mark your calendars and avoid planning anything else. You have to trust us; this is for your own good. During three consecutive evenings the ambitious people at Aloud Music will turn Barcelona into the place to be for instrumental, experimental and noise rock lovers by hosting an amazing festival with bands from all over Europe.”