Words by Lewis Allan

Horizons Edge will be representing for Melbourne in the co-headline slot at Venus & Lilith: Worshipping Women in Dark Music alongside Brisbane Symphonic Metallers Seraphic. A bonus addition to the already stacked line-up, Horizons Edge will close out the night led by the impeccable vocals and charismatic presence of frontwoman Kat Sproule. “We’re looking forward to playing it,” Sproule enthuses. “We haven’t really played many shows so far this year,” she chuckles, “we’ve been busy writing. So it’s good to get up on stage, especially with an interstate band on a headline show. When we did our own headline tour a few years ago, it was really good to have the support of the bands from the cities we were in. We were fairly new on the scene. So it’s always nice to support other Australian bands.

“Whenever we play shows, I always make sure I’m there the whole night and see all the bands. I think that’s a really important thing. You always appreciate it when you play and you see the other bands hanging out and watching. It’s always good to support everyone. I’m looking forward to the whole night!”

The Venus & Lilith show will be in support of Share the Dignity, a charity that supports women affected by poverty and domestic violence to access sanitary products. “I think supporting any charity is always a good thing. It’s good to be raising awareness of different people in our society, and different charities. When you do a charity show, if the charity can get a lot of mention then it helps people be aware of there being a charity for this specific cause, and if you’re passionate about that cause, maybe even want to do some volunteering, helping out. Any time you can raise awareness of a group that’s helping people who have been in a tough situation is always a good thing.”

On top of playing with other Australian bands, Horizons Edge will also be supporting Italian Power Metal masters Turilli/Lione Rhapsody at Southern Gathering in October. “Very, very excited about that! Rhapsody did their farewell tour last year, and Fabio is one of my favourite singers, so I was really sad that I never got to see him perform. So the fact that I’m going to get to see him perform and support him is just double awesome! I thought I’d never get to see him live, so that fact that it’s happening is super exciting.”

Coming back to the writing of the new Horizons Edge album, Sproule reveals, “The release of our last album ended up spanning over a year because we got the Australian label and they released it, and then six months later we got a European label and an American label, so because we were busy with the album being released over a decent period of time, the writing got put on the backburner a little bit. We were still doing it, but we probably weren’t as productive as we normally would be. So now that all the releases of our last album are well and truly taken care of, we’ve been putting a lot more time and effort into writing. We’ve got nine or ten songs done, we just have to finish them. The structure’s there, and the general idea is there, it’s just finalising the songs, getting the solo sections done, that kind of stuff. We’re hoping to start recording around January.”

Going deeper into how the new album might relate to the previous album ‘Let the Show Go On,’ Sproule adds, “It’s still got our sound. I think some of the songs are a little bit more traditional Metal. We’ve still got the slightly more Prog/Power stuff, but we’ve also got a bit more traditional, straightforward sort of Metal. We don’t have a keyboard player right now, so we’ve been using the backing tracks, but we’ve tried to make this album not too keyboard focused. There are still keyboards on it, but there are a few more songs that are more straightforward, which I’m looking forward to, because I think it’ll give us a good mixture in our live set with this new album.”

With European and American labels behind them, Sproule gives some insight into the future touring aspirations of Horizons Edge. “Our current album has been in the rock and Metal charts in Germany for the last four weeks, which is extremely exciting for us! So I’m hoping that with the level we’ve achieved with this album, with the next one we might step it up even more, get on some good tours and stuff like that. We’ll be aiming to hopefully head overseas in the very near future. We’d like to get to Japan,” Sproule muses. “I think it’s a great market for every type of Metal. It’s good, because you can mix up genres on line-ups over there. I mean, you can do that in other places in the world, but I think in Japan you can really get away with having Power Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal on the same line-up. The Japanese people are just so passionate about music, and just love getting out to shows. I reckon it’d definitely be a lot of fun to get over there.” On a personal note, Sproule adds, “I’ve never been there before, and I’d love to go. There are a lot of things about the Japanese culture that I really love, so it’s definitely a place I want to get to.”


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