Images: Nicole Smith-Walker

Words: Stephen Buckle

In my eyes there’s no better way to witness the Croxton Bandroom in its entirety than to see a sold out Static-X show. Better yet, when the supports are Goth-shock rocker Wednesday 13 and Southern Metal band Dope, you know you’re in for a crazy night.

With a massive line forming down high street in Thornbury, the gig got underway pretty quickly. Dope opened the show and performed Blood Money followed by 6-6 Sick, much to the delight of tonight’s crowd. Their pit was instant and it didn’t slow down at all throughout their set. Other favourites played were Die, Motherfucker Die and their cover of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record).

Now for someone who saw Wednesday 13 last time during the Soundwave Festival era, I was sceptic because I found his set boring and not enjoyable in the slightest. Tonight was a different story and I was graced with a figure completely covered in face and body paint; resembling an Amazonian or tribesman, while wearing a mask. Then the music hit and I was blown away with how good they sounded. 

Opening with Hail Ming and Get Your Grave On, Wednesday and his crew brought the room to life and kept the room moving. With a mask on the back of his head he moved around the stage like someone who needed an exorcist. They ended their set on Keep Watching the Skies and definitely made me eat my words, as I thoroughly enjoyed my second Wednesday 13 experience. 

20 years ago, ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ was brought to life by bassist Tony Campo, lead guitarist Koichi Fukuda, drummer Ken Jay and late vocalist / rhythm guitarist Wayne Static. An iconic album of the decade and something that has stuck with fans since its release. Tonight those fans didn’t just get a taste of the album, they got the full thing plus extras. 

Opening with Bled for Days and the self titled song Wisconsin Death Trip, the room erupted with movement from punters who’d filled the Croxton Bandroom to its capacity.

Hearing tracks like Love Dump, Otsegolation and from the album ‘Machine,’ Get to your Gone made the room go wild and reminisce about when these songs first came out. As a true tribute to Wayne Static, the singer wore a mask depicting Static’s face and iconic hair while performing. 

In the closing moments the band burst into another track from ‘Machine,’ Cold, which some people may remember was in the movie Queen of the Damned. Following that, Static-X finished on what are arguably two of their biggest tracks from ‘Wisconsin Death Trip:’ I’m with Stupid and Push It. The mosh was more alive during these two tracks than the rest of their set but understandably so. A great way to end the night on a high!

For a band that’s had the tragedy of losing an iconic member, Static-X have done Static proud in performing the 20th anniversary tour of ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’ to audiences around the world. Tonight was a great reception for a band that’s stuck it out for 20 years and produced the goods for their fans every time. A must watch if you’re yet to see Static-X live.