Photos: Andrew Basso
Words: Stephen Buckle

On a wet Sunday night in Melbourne, the iconic Festival Hall hosted a sold out show for England’s Metalcore giants; Architects. With While She Sleeps and Polaris supporting it was sure to be a heavy night of music.

While She Sleeps opened the concert, notably without their lead vocalist Loz, but they’d asked potentially the best candidate to fill in for him; Shapes Vocalist Griffin Dickinson (the son of Iron Maiden Vocalist Bruce Dickinson). With a short but heavy ended set of bangers the band played some of their new album ‘So What?’ along with crowd favourites like ‘Silence Speaks’ to the Melbourne crowd in front of them.

For an Aussie band that’s been around only for a short while, Polaris have really connected with their audiences and tonight it showed. Starting with a circle pit, the crowd didn’t lose a step while Polaris melted faces off with their epic stage presence. Performing a new song called ‘Hypermania’ the crowd was eating out of the palm of their hands, enjoying every second of the tune.

Closing with ‘Consume’ it’s clear that Polaris are on the fast lane to metalcore greatness alongside Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake. True blue Aussie’s doing their thing well!

When it was time for Architects to come on a man by the name of Richie came out to speak to the crowd about Violence against Women and specified that it happens to often at concerts, homes and all around the world. He said that Sam from Architects had personally invited him to speak before their set about the impact it has on women, how they feel attending concerts and their safety in what should be safe places. Deservedly, he got an enormous response of cheers from a crowd that will always stand together to help and protect others. Now, onto Architects…

‘Death is not Defeat’ opened the explosive set for tonight’s headliners, who enjoy performing here in Australia so much that we see them nearly twice a year! With a massive circle pit consuming the floor they moved forward into ‘Modern Misery’ and ‘Nihilist’ while accompanied by an amazing video backdrop depicting the mood of each song.

Following on from that Architects belted out ‘Naysayer’ and ‘Holy Hell’ (which is the title track for their latest record out earlier this year), with full force. The wall of death ensued and we were it left disappointed in the seats of Festival Hall when we saw it come together. 

Tracks like ‘Royal Beggars’, ‘Gravedigger’ and ‘A Match Made in Heaven’ were stand outs even though every song they played were on par. Coming back out for a two song encore, the band graced us with ‘Gone With the Wind’ and arguably their biggest track to date and in memory of Tom, ‘Doomsday’ to close out what was a euphoric experience inside Festival Hall.

If you’ve never seen Architects perform live then put it on your bucket list because the band is in rock terms an 11/10 both on CD and live. Nothing could fault them tonight and I’m sure they’ll continue to deliver for years to come.