Building on the hype surrounding lead single Kill The Lights and Mess Like Me, Foxblood present the world that is Grief & Mercy Sleep.

An edifice to our writer’s world of addiction, sacrifice and longing. Grief & Mercy Sleep is the sophomore record from Melbourne’s Foxblood.

Their debut album The Devil, The Dark & The Rain introduced audiences to the writings of initial vocalist and lyricist Chris Millward. Ever an integral part of Foxblood’s story as key lyricist, in 2018 Foxblood introduced vocalist and bassist Anthony Syle, and ex guitarist Tom Beale to vocals and lyricist duties.

Grief & Mercy Sleep picks up where their debut album left off, with the standalone single Bittersweet an oasis between the two, but sees the introduction of legendary producer Forester SavellARIA nominated Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Make Them Suffer, Dream On Dreamer) overseeing the album’s production.

“Foxblood are one of the most exciting bands I’ve worked with, they have crafted a killer album with each song building with intensity and emotion in equal measure” – Forrester Savell

As the team around Foxblood grows, visually 2019 saw the introduction of Perth based director DrewKendell bring his flair to the music videos for Mess Like Me and breakout single Kill The Lights.

Boasting new members, a fresh team and a further fleshed sound and vision, the time of Foxblood is just coming to new heights and this song writing juggernaut is just gathering speed.