New Orleans’ EYEHATEGOD have announced an Australian tour for the end of the year, bringing ‘From The Elementary to the Penitentiary’ to eight cities in November.

The band have spent the last three decades at odds with a corrupt music industry, using their music as a proverbial middle finger, aimed at everything from government officials, sanctimonious shitheads hiding behind organised religion, and your own local police force.

They have defied all the odds, continued to exist, and in the midst of all this turmoil, EYEHATEGOD have become the high water mark when it comes to so-called sludge metal, having birthed rock’s unholy bastards and inspiring multiple others with their combined sounds of southern rock, blues riffs and hardcore punk.

Noting Black Flag, The Melvins and Black Sabbath as a domineering and significant influence on their sound today, they are the cornerstone for countless other sonic acolytes following in their fetid footsteps and have made themselves one of the most reputable and distinctive bands ever.

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