Words: Lewis Allan

Melbourne-based Progressive rock / Metal four-piece Neo Relic have been steadily growing their presence in the scene over the past year, including a support slot with Nepal’s Underside, and an appearance at Progfest 2019 introducing them to a host of new fans. And there’s plenty more action for them over the rest of the year, as they officially launch their new single Remember Me on August 15 at Stay Gold, and perform at Venus & Lilith: Worshipping Women in Dark Music with Brisbane’s Seraphic on August 31 at the Bendigo Hotel.

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For those who can’t wait for the launch show though, Remember Me is available to be heard right now. Continuing in Neo Relic’s Progressive spirit, Remember Me is a mostly upbeat track, with Deanna Curulli’s vocals immediately engaging the listener. Curulli’s vocals are filled with charm and clarity, and it comes as quite a surprise the first time harsh vocals appear alongside them in the song. This introduction of growls leads into a vortex of odd time signatures and strange instrumentation, with Curulli’s voice the lifeline that carries the listener through.

Despite a few darker excursions throughout the track, there is also plenty of light in both the rhythm and lead solo work of guitarists Philip Voulanas and Josh Kilinc, fitting well with the empowering, though ambiguous lyrics. It’s in the instrumental mid-section however where Neo Relic really show off their Progressive power with some much heavier guitars. Curulli’s voice returns in an almost staccato section that breaks the rhythm of the song in an interesting and diverting way, before Voulanas and Kilinc’s guitar acrobatics return over a noticeably darker musical backdrop. It’s in these later sections that drummer Brendon Rofe is particularly able to shine, delivering both dynamic time signatures and pure Metal intensity.For a track clocking just under five and a half minutes, Remember Me is quite the sonic rollercoaster of light and shade, demonstrating Neo Relic’s great versatility. Melbourne’s Prog fans have plenty to look forward to if this song is any indicator of the calibre of Neo Relic’s work to come.


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