There haven’t been many electro/metal bands over the last few years larger than Japan’s Crossfaith and after making the trek in January to tease us with one set only at Unify, they’re coming back to our shores in September in support of Amity Affliction’s national tour!

Speaking to front-man Ken Koie about Crossfaith’s return to Australia, the first topic of conversation was about the excitement levels within the band; Koie was quick to respond with “I’m super excited, considering at Unify we fucking did it” before letting out a satisfied laugh and adding “I think that was the biggest crowd we’ve performed to in Australia, so I’m super excited to be back for the Amity tour as I think it’s going to be bigger than Unify.”

When asked how long ago Amity approached Crossfaith to make the trip back to Australia, Koie quipped “from memory that was sometime last year, but Amity are one of my good friends and we toured with them back in 2013 and 2015 for Warped Tour. Unfortunately we’ve only played with them at Warped tour, but Warped was a four months at a time, so we spent quite a lot of time with them.”

As mentioned earlier, Crossfaith tore up the stage of Unify back in January; they weren’t the only ones however, as both Pagan and Underoath also performed that weekend. When asked whether got to see either of their sets, Koie stated how “we watched Underoath, but I unfortunately missed Pagan’s set; I’m gonna check Pagan out, like I always do with bands we tour with. I’m going to research them to be ready for a live show, as I can’t wait to see them. I’ve also heard that they’re a great band, so I’m going to research them after these interviews!” before explaining what Underoath mean to the band:

“Underoath is one of our biggest influences and vocalist Spencer Chamberlain is the main reason I started screaming! The first time we played with Underoath was Japan back in 2011 and at the time my English was bad, so it was super hard to have a conversation. Last year however, we toured Europe with them and they watched our set every single night; playing a show and seeing some of them side stage watching our set was the best moment for me. It was weird, but amazing!”

Talking further about their Unify set, Koie was quick to explain “I think Deus Ex-Machina leading into Catastrophe was the best moment; at the time, so many people didn’t know about us and we kicked ass! Right now we’re planning the set-list for the upcoming September shows and I can definitely say it’s going to be an interesting show.”

Unfortunately the set didn’t go without a hiccup or two, as Terufumi Tamano‘s DJ table fell over during their performance; when quizzed on how they will prevent this happening again, Koie states “as the frontman, I need to cover when things go wrong (laughs) Even with that problem, we had a great time; there’s always shit happening at live shows and I always like to mention the stage has a monster! Whilst it was a good way for us to kill time before the next song, we’re going to hire a guy to just stand there and hold the table” before ending with another infectious laugh.

Taking time to talk about what the rest of the year holds for Crossfaith, Koie stated “we’re gonna have a European festival tour before September, then after Australia we’ll come back to Japan for The Great Satsumanian Hestival 2019. After that, we’ll possibly look at either doing another Japan tour, or creating new music; this hasn’t been decided, so make sure to keep your eyes open!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Koie had one last message for Australian fans before returning in September:

“Please check out our latest album Ex-Machina, as well as make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming tour. If you haven’t seen us before, check us out on YouTube and be ready for it; we’re going to make sure we play with more intensity than Unify!”