Photos by James Proctor – X613 Media

On a cold winter night down in Richmond, punters queued out the door and around the building for a sold out Beartooth gig. Seeing as this was Beartooth’s first time on a headline tour down under we knew this night would be special.

Opening the show were 5 piece Wagga Wagga act; Windwaker who from the start of the first song turned up the heat and blew the crowd away. Performing their tracks like The Awakening and My Empire the crowd started to get involved too. The biggest part of their set had the crowd at their loudest, as the band covered Freak by Silverchair.

Thornhill came on next and didn’t let down the crowd at all, as they conjured up a circle pit around the centre pole of the venue. Performing their hit tracks Parasite, Lavender and Limbo they made sure no crowd area was standing still as they kept the groove moving.

When it was time for Beartooth to come on stage the crowd had completely filled the room and from a cold 8 degrees outside the inside was definitely a lot warmer. 

Opening with Bad Listener and Beaten In Lips the crowd went berserk with movement. The stage was taken by Caleb and the rest of the guys and they showed why after this long they’ve deserved their first headline tour in Australia. 

Walking through Always Dead and crowd favourite The Lines, Beartooth provided fluency in music and gave the fans what they wanted in an extensive mix of all their albums. With a drum solo half way through the set the crowd was eager for more, so the boys played through Hated, I Have a Problem, Body Bag and Disease before walking off stage to rest before the expected encore. Once cheered back on stage they finished with arguably their biggest track In Between much to the delight of the sold out Corner Hotel crowd.

If you’re yet to see Beartooth or have tickets to the rest of this tour you’ll be a very happy camper once witnessing this gig. An extraordinary live act who know how to divide up their albums to give an audience what they want in a live set. Excellent times watching Beartooth at the Corner, definitely shouldn’t be missed!!!