Making waves in the steadily growing pop-punk scene is Scottish quartet Woes. Their latest record ‘Awful Truth’ was released on June 28th via UNFD. With vocalist DJ, bassist and vocalist Dean Duddy, guitarist Luke Bovill and drummer Ryan Neish, this is their first full length record but they already have quite a following due to playing shows, including appearances at both Download Festival and Slam Dunk Festival in the UK last year.

The first track on the album is Boy, which really gets down to business with a sick drum beat about 43 seconds in. It’s only a short track, with a run time just under two minutes, but it’s a nice way to invite you into the world of the record. Next up is Fake Friends, and it follows the ‘typical’ pop-punk trope of saying ‘I have no time for fake friends’. However, the guys do a really nice job of changing the tempo halfway through the track with a really pretty outro.

Fancy is track three and the guitar chugs away right from the start, but works really well with what the rhythm section are doing. There’s also a really nice mix of spoken and sung vocals, and the guitar part right at the end of the track is a highlight. Even though it’s right at the end of the song, it’s a really nice ‘ooh’ moment, and props to Bovill for writing the right part to finish the song off with.

Money Shoe is next and it’s got a really smooth r’n’b type intro, mixed in with vocals that have been put through a synthesizer to give them a nice electronic sound. It’s really different musically from the previous three tracks which is a nice way of spicing things up and not letting the record go stale by doing the same thing over and over.

Title track Awful Truth follows Money Shoe and it changes it up again and you get the instrumental before the vocals kick in. It’s probably one of my favourite tracks on the record because it’s just full of good energy and vibes and a total bop! Blasting it through your car stereo and driving with the windows down in the summer is the first thing that comes to mind up hearing it, or blasting it and dancing around in your bedroom is also a great idea. The first single released from the album was Suburbs and that’s up next, it’s deceptive because it starts off slow but then picks up the tempo after a few bars. Neish really flexes his drum muscles on this one and they really stand out, especially the double kick parts! I actually got so distracted by Neish and his playing that I had to listen to the song twice to really get a feel for it.

Track seven is Mess and it’s another standout track, especially for DJ as he flexes those vocal chords. He has a really impressive range and he really soars on the high notes. ‘You were the last one to see my breathing, and yours was the last face to cross my mind’ is the driving lyric in the chorus and it really hits you in the feels with the delivery, especially right at the end of the song.

Cross is track eight and it starts with a really sweet guitar riff that has Blue Oyster Cult vibes, and it’s the slowest track on the album. It has a really nice ebb and flow with the instrumentals, as well as really soft and a little dark vocally. It’s the most different from the others track on the record and is again, a nice way to change up and vary the sound.

Gone Forever is the second to last track, and by far the heaviest! The guys have done an incredible job of changing and varying their sound as ‘Awful Truth’ progresses and should be commended for it. There are a couple of bands who are changing up their sounds with their albums, most notably As It Is and Waterparks, and even though those bands have been around longer, Woes are doing a really good job of ‘keeping up with the curb’ so to speak. Finally we come to Ugly, and it’s a shame it’s so far down on the tracklist. It’s definitely worth waiting for though, and is another highlight of the record. It’s not as heavy as the previous track, but is slightly different than the rest of the album tracks. The vocals right at the start are almost rapped rather than sung, but they blend really nice with the rest of the tracks. It’s a standout debut full length and there’s nowhere for Woes to go but upwards, and I’m really excited to see where they go in the future!

‘Awful Truth’ is out now via UNFD and you can pick-up your copy HERE!