The vocalists for major UK metal bands While She Sleeps and Monuments have both departed overnight amid tours.

While She Sleeps’ Lawrence ‘Loz’ Taylor has pulled out of their final European shows, while Chris Barretto announced a more permanent departure.

Sheffield-based Sleeps confirmed on social media that, “Due to personal reasons, unfortunately Loz will not be performing at the final few shows in Europe.

“We don’t believe in cancelling and we don’t believe in letting these kind (sic) of things stop us.

“After tomorrow we will have a fill in vocalist for the last few shows. 

“We need your voice.  Let’s make this happen.  It takes more than a member down to stop a Sleeps show. 

“We are incredibly sorry but we will not let you down!

“You are we.

“Thank you for understanding and respecting our privacy in times like these.”

There is no news on who will replace Taylor for their remaining shows, which include Portugal, Spain, UK, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia and Hungary.

The singer’s sudden departure also puts in doubt their Australian tour in August supporting Architects.

In a more permanent announcement, London-based Monuments took to social media to reveal their vocalist Chris Barretto was stepping down.

The group, who are currently touring the UK, said, “Today we announce the departure of Chris Barretto from Monuments due to personal reasons.

“We have travelled to every inhabited continent on Earth with Chris through the music of “The Amanuensis’ and ‘Phronesis’. 

“These memories that we created together, both positive and negative, will forever remain irreplaceable and at the highlights of our lives.

“For all remaining shows announced and unannounced, we have enlisted the vocal talents of Andy Cizek of Makari as a fill in.

“Andy has many incredible voices and we are more than confident that he will smash the Monuments songs to the standard you have all come to expect.

“Andy’s debut performance will be at ‘The Haunt’ in Brighton on the 3rd July.”