Words: Meghan Hall

Colorado’s Thrash Metal outfit Nekrofilth’s new EP Love Me Like A Reptile offers covers from the likes of Mötörhead, Rudimentary Peni, Mortician and Mob 47. With chunky basslines, thick guitar riffs, blistering drums that pack a staggering punch and biting harsh vocals, Love Me Like A Reptile is a fine EP paying homage to some beloved bands in both the Metal and Hardcore Punk genres, merging elements of their own style with that of the bands covered on this EP, Nekrofilth gives us a diverse offering of classic heavy metal, chunky death metal and arse kicking hardcore punk tunes.

‘Love me like a Reptile’, Nekrofilth’s cover of the classic Motörhead tune kicks off with the thick heavily stylish sound oozing from each note, thick and heavy with chunky basslines filling the lower mix and carrying the rhythm. Harsh and biting vocals uplift this classic Motörhead cover, perfectly capturing the tone and spirit of the song while adding their own stylistic spin to it, with a thicker heavier sound and harsher vocals than the original Nekrofilth’s version beautifully captures the essence of Motörhead’s original with the American thrash outfit offering a wonderful tribute to one of Metal’s most legendary bands of all time.

‘Media Person’ kicks off with a chunky bassline that packs a cold groove, the guitar and bass truly shine in this track with the groove laden undertones setting the foundation for the lyrics to be spat out with pure aggression that is perfectly conveyed by the vocal style and delivered with razor sharp precision. Heavier than the original, the cover does an excellent job to merge Nekrofilth’s style and heavier tone with Rudimentary Peni’s style from the original to offer a thicker heavier cover that brilliantly utilises both Nekrofilth’s thrash metal roots and Rudimentary Peni’s hardcore punk styling to give us 52 seconds of razor sharp hard as nails Hardcore Punk goodness.

Zombie Apocalypse while not as heavy as Mortician’s original, this cover is still damn heavy and offers guitar work with a stronger underlying groove. With its groove laden undertones Nekrofilth’s cover offers a combination of both Doom Metal undertones alongside the original Death Metal style thanks to the brilliantly used thick guitar distortion which combines brilliantly with the hard edged vocals, which truly shine during the faster segments of this song creating a mighty fine cover of the Mortician tune.

Det är Upp Till Oss offers some Swedish Hardcore Punk originally from Mob 47 with only 24 seconds of music packed in, this track is a homage that captures the speed and aggression of the original and turns up the heaviness with more of Nekrofilth’s thick guitarwork, punchy drumming, chunky bass and hard edged harshness of the vocals all combining kick your arse in under 30 seconds.

All in all, Nekrofilth’s Love Me Like A Reptile beautifully meshes both the original spirit and tone of which these songs were created and adds their own stylistic flair and balls to the wall, bombastic levels energy to them, offering wonderful homage to beloved bands such as Motörhead with performances that truly shine, combining the spirit of the original songs with the best elements of Nekrofilth’s own style. The combination of Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal and Hardcore Punk combine wonderfully to create a spectacular tributes to each of these bands, with thick heavy guitar work with groove laden undertones uplifted by thick chunky basslines, punchy drumming and hard as nails harsh vocals that add up to truly show off the talent that Nekrofilth possess. This EP is absolutely worth a listen to for fans of both Heavy Metal and Punk.

for more info, check out Nekrofilth’s Bandcamp!