There are a lot of exciting bands in Melbourne right now, and one of the stand outs is post-hardcore five piece Drown This City. ‘Alpha // Survivor’ is their first EP with new label UNFD, and is out on July 5th.  Drown This City is vocalist Alex Reade, guitarists Josh Renjen and Laurence Appleby, bassist and backing vocalist Matthew Bean, and drummer Anthony Pallas.

The EP kicks off with Don’t Forget To, a 36 second introduction to the record. It’s a great way to set the mood, which in this instance is eerie and immerses you in the world of ‘Alpha // Survivor’. Next up is Stay Broken, and the vibe from the introduction continues on. It starts off with heavy guitars, and Bean’s guttural, screamed vocals. You know from the first few bars of this track that it’s going to be heavy, and it is. Reade’s clean vocals are a nice contrast to Bean’s screamed ones throughout, and her pitch is perfect. Reade’s screamed vocals have just as much power as her cleans, and she controls the track vocally from start to end.

In Your Image is next, and is the leading single for ‘Alpha // Survivor’.  The first thing your hit with is Pallas’ intense drums, that only increase in tempo and volume as the track progresses. His drums throughout are clean, tight and powerful. You don’t expect such guttural vocals to come from Reade, but they do and she totally owns it. Read range is incredible, and you’re drawn in by her voice when she’s screaming, and when she’s singing. The intricate guitar work from Renjen and Appleby is also impressive, and the two work really well together both rhythmically and melodically.

Next is Null and the opening sounds a little synthetic, but is definitely guitar that’s been distorted. It’s a great storytelling track both musically and vocally. ‘All I see is darkness and all I know is fear’ is a really powerful lyric, and is delivered with the same intensity as the words imply. Reade and Bean work really well together harmonically, and it’s really awesome when they alternate screams with each other to deliver vocal lines.

Love Makes Cowards Of Us All is track five, and is one of the heaviest tracks on the record. It’s mostly screamed vocals, but the clean ones are delivered with purpose and with power. Bean’s ability to deliver powerful screamed vocals, and still shred on bass is worth noting and on this track especially he and Pallas’ really hold their own.

Sadly we come to the end of ‘Alpha // Survivor’ with the final track, Void. It’s almost four minute run time does not have a wasted second of pure, unbridled power. You feel it all the way down to your bones, and although it’s the final track on the album you don’t want it to end. Drown This City have created a really solid, hard-hitting and powerful EP. They soar to new musical heights with ‘Alpha // Survivor’ and the only way for them in the future is up.

Pre-Order ‘Alpha // Survivor’ out Friday July 5th via UNFD HERE!