Dover, DE based Dark Pop / Hard Rock Band AWAKE AT LAST has released their debut LP, The Change.

“An exploration of universal themes, a search to locate our place in the mayhem of life, The Change is an album that proves that Awake At Last are, as just mentioned above, a band to watch. Throughout the collection they continuously inspire listeners to wake up, smell the roses, and to face life’s challenges—be they inner battles or speaking our voices to make a change in the world—and they implore each of us to do all of this with an empowering smile on our faces. With solid musicianship, catchy songs, and this hyper-awareness to modern strife, Awake At Last are making a change, one track at a time. Consider yourself woke! Cryptic Rock give Awake At Last’s The Change 3.5 of 5 stars.” – CrypticRock

“The Change is a solid, consistent piece of work that holds the listeners interest throughout.” – RockDocumented

“The Change will take you through many different emotions on this journey. Welcome To Life kicks things into gear and the pace only lets up a bit on tracks like Let Go and My Enemy. Awake At Last wear their influences openly and with pride so I am not going to compare them to other bands. Instead I would challenge you to give them a listen and form your own opinion. What I hear is all the ingredients necessary to be a powerful band for years to come. In this world we live in a positive message is important now maybe more than ever. Awake At Last are carrying that message holding it high and charging into the battle with pride.” – Outlaw Review

AWAKE AT LAST with From Ashes To NewPalisades, and The Funeral Portrait:

07/13 @ Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA 
07/16 @ Manchester Music Hall – Lexington, KY 
07/17 @ The Deluxe at Old National Centre – Indianapolis, IN 
07/20 @ Wildwood Smokehouse & Saloon – Iowa City, IA 
07/25 @ Civic Music Hall – Toledo, OH 
07/26 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI 
07/27 @ The Blue Note – Harrison, OH 
07/30 @ The Apollo Theater – Belvidere, IL 
07/31 @ The Forge – Joilet, IL 
08/03 @ Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO 
08/04 @ The Royal Grove – Lincoln, NE 
08/07 @ Jergels – Warrendale, PA 
08/08 @ Glass House – Lynchburg, VA 
08/09 @ Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD 
08/10 @ Granite State Music Hall – Laconia, NH 
08/11 @ Wally’s Pub – Hampton, NH

Additional ticket/tour info HERE

Both as a band and as individuals, Awake At Last continue to stand for positivity, spirituality, self-help and making an impact every single day. Returning with their debut full-length release, The Change, they have never sounded more confident, more energized, or been more determined to reach out to those who might be struggling in the world. The Change releases June 21st via Outerloop Records. “We pushed ourselves to our limits as songwriters,” states guitarist Imran Xhelili. “There is more variety on this record and there are songs that lean in a heavier rock/metal direction with other songs being a lot lighter and more dynamic. All of the choruses on this album have huge hooks, and there are more sections that are less guitar heavy and carried by different elements, like pianos and orchestral instruments.


The lyrics are also more direct in how they carry across the messages we have always had at the forefront of our music.” While making waves with their previous output, this combination is the sound of a band who have truly come into their own. From front to back, every song carries a message of hope. Having commenced writing for it even before the release of their Life/Death/Rebirth EP in 2016, the finished result is not something that came easily. “We all had demons we had to battle mentally and physically,” explains vocalist Vincent Torres. “You wouldn’t believe the pressure that comes down on you when you begin the process for a full length record. After we pushed through the turmoil and embraced the wonderful things that came as a reward it became pretty clear that what we had made should be called The Change. I think this is a perfect name, because it represents the spiritual evolution that we all went through.”

As they continue to build momentum, the quintet’s ambitions remain true to their original aspirations: wanting to establish an even stronger connection to their fanbase. “I want to create a movement where individuals from all walks of life can come together and support one another as we continue to evolve and make changes in order to pursue fulfilling lives,” states Torres. Given the demons that had to be battled and overcome to reach this point it’s unsurprising how eager they are for people to hear what they have achieved. “This is the moment we’ve spent years working towards and these are by far the strongest Awake At Last songs we have written,” says Xhelili. “I feel proud of every single song that made the record and there is no filler. This is an album the fans can listen front to back and be immersed in the underlying concept and themes that tie it all together.”

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