Heavy Metal Francophones Thrash La Reine hailing from Montréal, Canada, are set to release their debut album. ‘La Foi, La Loi, La Croix’ is wonderfully energetic, combining Power Metal and Thrash Metal with some punk influence. Thrash La Reine offer some truly awesome tunes, with creative and energetic instrumental work, uplifted by manically energetic vocal performances.

Pourchasser Le Dragon kicks off the album with some exciting riff work, more Power Metal in style, before leading into the vocals kicking into gear. Underpinned by catchy hooks, the vocals are excellently framed by the instrumental flair the band shows off from the very get-go. The verse and chorus of this song is immensely catchy, even for non-French speakers. Pourchasser Le Dragon sets the tone for the album with its Thrashy and Power Metal-esque guitar work, manic energy, fast pace and energetic vocal performance.

Thrash La Reine kicks into gear with some heavy, fast Thrash, with groovy bass underpinning the guitar riffs, leading into some awesome guitar work and some blistering soloing to boot. The band’s eponymous track shows off their Thrashier side with riffs, groovy bass, blistering solos and desperate vocals perfectly suited to the instrumentals and pacing of the song. The heavier emphasis on bass in this song works beautifully in both showing off a truly excellent performance, but also in uplifting the rest of the rest of the band with its intoxicating rhythm and swinging groove.

Le Rédempteur begins fast and Thrashy. The opening riff for this song is simply brilliant in channelling the Power Metal style and underpinning it with the swing and groove of the bass. This beautifully underpins the Thrashy chords and the quick flying solo towards the end of the song. With an excellent vocal performance slightly reminiscent of old school punk, the rhythm and swing of this song is joyous and only all the better for the band’s high energy performances.

La Peur Du Lendemain begins with a slick bass riff with drums shortly following. A glimpse of White Zombie influence can be heard before power chords and riffage turns to a Thrashier, more Power Metal sound. Another fine vocal performance is underpinned by Thrashy guitar work and more subtle bass, offering another fast and manically energetic track before slowing to a break in the song. This offers some more subtlety in the track, placing heavier emphasis on a more subdued bassline to underpin the sustains and vocals before bridging into Thrashy chords and stunning guitar soloing.

Garde La Foi begins with a classic rock-style riff that permeates throughout the whole song, bringing some more subtlety alongside the awesome soloing, riffage and sustains. The classic rock style and overtones offer brilliant use of more subtle undertones in various spots throughout the song, and bridge beautifully into the final track.

Du Sang Sur Les Plaines, the most “Prog” song of the album, begins with a riff reminiscent of old school Prog before switching to spectacular Power Metal flawlessly. The guitar riff is simply immaculate and the vocals are truly excellent on this track, with arguably one of the most powerful vocal performances of the album. The guitar riffs along with the vocals are the song’s greatest strength, underpinned by a fine bass performance and meaty chords underpinning the vocals, perfectly blending the Thrashy chords, Prog-ish riffs and Power Metal riff. Also featured is a brilliant bass break that bridges into fast and heavy Thrash before ending on a more Prog-styled outro. It’s a great ending to a truly brilliant album.

Thrash La Reine’s combination of Thrash Metal, Power Metal and punk influence with some classic rock style all blends together flawlessly on this album, with soaring guitar riffs, chunky and groovy bass beats and percussion that perfectly complements the guitar and bass, combined with the energetic vocal performances culminate in a truly spectacular album.

While the album is entirely in French, an understanding of the language is not necessary to enjoy this album, however for Francophones, the lyrics are socially conscious and thoughtful satirical takes on issues with Western culture. This is genuinely one of the finest albums of a year packed with incredible albums. All in all, Thrash La Reine are incredibly talented, as is clearly shown by how wonderfully they’ve blended different Metal sub-genres with some slight punk influence and very subtle Gothic undertone, all adding up to create a sound that is nothing short of an absolute joy to listen to. This album is simply euphoria in the form of French language Heavy Metal.

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