The past decade has seen some incredible bands come out of Perth. Now in 2019, Daybreak seem to be ready to climb tooth and nail to the top of that pile.

What we have here is a short and sweet EP entitled ‘Godfather,’ with three tracks checking in just shy of 15 minutes. It’s bleak, bouncy, groovy, atmospheric and experimental (without losing interest) but most of all, it’s heavy.

The opening track Therapy starts with some beats and electronics, leaving the listener wondering where this is going. Have Daybreak given away that heavy crunch and gone atmospheric and electronic? Nope, definitely not! They’ve matured and added layers to their sound. This is the moment you go from sitting back in a chair listening, to sitting forward in your chair because you’ll get that extra clarity. After about seven repeats of the track, I’m a fan.

Bad Boy has a sweet little melody at the beginning indicating that these guys have grown up. Maybe it’s the almost constant touring and live shows? Maybe there’s more to life than just breakdowns? Whatever it is, Bad Boy is a tune! It’s reminiscent of a certain era of I Killed the Prom Queen, just not as polished. This has some excellent back and forth vocal exchanges.

This brings us to the title track Godfather. Can you say Darkest Hour? Between the span of three tracks, Daybreak have pulled influences from the broad spectrum of heavy music, put it in a meat press and this is the outcome. When this video came out a few weeks ago I was honestly stoked for them. Not only are they very capable of writing mosh anthems, they’re also very, very capable of writing a catchy as hell tune with a chorus the listener will be humming for days.

If I’m honest the first couple of times I saw Daybreak live I thought they had potential, but I wasn’t that psyched because I thought that style of Deathcore had been done to, well, death. However, the persistence and the expansion of influences to me means the future is very bright for Daybreak, and it’s a future I’m going to be watching closely. These guys are still very young and have a wealth of experience already. 

Go grab a copy of Daybreak’s ‘Godfather’ EP HERE!