Words by Paul Macfarlan.

When Cursed Earth announced that Jaz was stepping down as the vocalist I think 90% of the heavy music scene uttered WTF in unison.

Following on everyone wondered how a band replaces such a unique and utterly terrifying vocalist. The answer is, you simply can’t. Sure, there are rare examples where it works but often, bands get hit with the age old “I liked your older stuff”

Cursed Earth have gone in the total opposite direction and done something totally unprecedented and recruited 8 of the most brutal (and beautiful) vocalists you’re going to hear.

‘The Deathbed Sessions’ is hate, anger and absolute venom at its finest.

Remember the old days when you’d watch Stone Cold Steve Austin just absolutely whale away at old Vince McMahon. Rock Bottom is what it’s like to be Vinny Mac. You’re gonna get beaten from start to finish. Embrace it because with Nick Adams from Justice for The Damned on the mic you can’t get away from it.

Deathbed is a quirk, it starts down tuned and heavy with some nice distorted guitar work.
Right when you’re expecting that trademark uppercut, you’re treated to some very sultry and sexy vocals courtesy of Booka from Make Them Suffer and you’re left wondering wow where did this come from? Enter the throat tearing vocal styles of Sean Harmanis and the two bounce off each other perfectly. Alright let’s be real here, any time I see Joel Birch mentioned I have to check it out, not because I’m a big Amity Affliction fan but because I dig his vocals. Torch is Joel at his best. Short, sharp and to the point. With the current state of the church this could be the sound track “We don’t need a Christ We need an eye for an eye” hostility at it’s absolute church burning finest!

Tyranny Forever was the dark horse on ‘The Deathbed Sessions’ for me.
I wasn’t familiar with the vocalist, so I was going into this track with a completely blank slate.
Well, holy crap! Not only does it rip you to shreds it plays around with your remains as well.
This was a perfect introduction to Larissa Stupar from UK death metal quintet Venom Prison and they’re a band I’m going to be following closely after hearing this.

Operation was the only track that didn’t fully grab me. It chugs along and has a cool groove, but I didn’t really feel like it went anywhere. It falls a bit flat.

Closing out ‘The Deathbed Sessions’ is BURN not only does this track get noted in italics it’s also in capitals. When you hear it, you’ll know why. BURN is violent, it is utterly crushing from start to finish and if it ever gets played in a live environment it will be the death knell for the unsuspecting venue housing the show.
People will have seen Mark Poida from Aversions Crown fronting Cursed Earth previously at UNIFY gathering and if I’m honest it’s a match made in hell. BURN is the standout on ‘The Deathbed Sessions’ they saved the best for last. All in all, ‘The Deathbed Sessions’ is a ripper of an EP. It’s 7 tracks of unbridled aggression and that trademark Cursed Earth crunch.
My only gripe with it is it leaves the question “what’s next for Cursed Earth?” this EP is going to send their already rabid fans crazy with excitement for new material, but they still don’t have a permanent vocalist as far as I’m aware.

I hope this isn’t the Cursed Earth swan song because they have so much potential and talent and this EP just shows how pissed off they still are.

Grab your copy of ‘The Deathbed Sessions’ from right here