Calling all fans of good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll! If you’ve somehow missed the memo, you wouldn’t know that Buckcherry released their eighth album ‘Warpaint’ back in March. That would most likely mean you also haven’t heard that they’re making the trip down to Australia in October, with Hardcore Superstar joining them for the flight!

Speaking with lead vocalist and last founding member Josh ‘Buddy’ Todd about the trip, the first topic was about the excitement within the camp. Todd was quick to express, “We’re totally excited as we love getting outside of the United States. When you get to visit other cultures and see how people react to rock shows, it’s really exciting to us because it’s always different. We’ve been to Australia a handful of times and they really appreciate this band and what we bring live, so we always look forward to it.”

As mentioned in the intro, Swedish legends Hardcore Superstar are accompanying Buckcherry for this venture Down Under; in fact, this being mentioned brought about a small chuckle of satisfaction from Todd himself! Talking about how they ended up being selected for the main support, Todd quips how, “We like to re-align ourselves with real rock bands,” before elaborating on a few things that whilst really getting under his skin, helped with the selection process.

“I don’t know if you know the trend that’s going on with the newer rock, but there’s so many new rock bands running tracks live, running back-up vocals through the PA or doing all other these things. It’s turning into a Britney Spears concert at a rock show, which is really a drag! So when we find bands like Hardcore or Joyous Wolf who we’re currently touring with, they’re real rock bands. Throughout our whole career, we’ve tried to align ourselves with those kinds of acts; we’ve actually played with Hardcore a couple of times in Europe. We get along with them well and they’re really great live! It’s just going to be a rowdy, wild event and I think Australians are going to really appreciate it.”

Talking about how quickly Hardcore Superstar said yes to joining Buckcherry for this trip, Todd happily explains that, “The feeling is mutual with the Hardcore camp and it just happened to work out we were both touring at the same time, so it made sense.  There’s a lot of names we put in the hat and see if they’re available, but you’ve got to make do with what’s going on. Some bands aren’t touring, some bands don’t have a new record out; you can’t always get the most ideal situation. That being said, I think Hardcore and us is the perfect package for Australia at this time and it’s going to be fun!”

Buckcherry have been hitting the road across America and touring on the back of releasing ‘Warpaint’ in March, so it was time to pick Todd’s brain about how fans have been reacting to the newer songs. Todd enthusiastically explains, “It’s been amazing and it’s a lot of fun when we play Bent; it was our first single and the crowd goes bananas. Then by the time we do Radio Song, things have just taken on this whole…when we play it live, it sounds like it’s been a hit on the radio for like ten years. It’s just crazy the reaction we get, and it hasn’t even been a single yet! Of course we do the title track Warpaint and its amazing; then the new single we’re about to drop right now has been going really well also. We’ve actually just finished a video for it, so we’ll be releasing it in the near future!”

Taking time to speak with Todd on a personal level performing ‘Warpaint’ live, he was quick to point out, “I think one of my favourite songs on the record is Back Down and we do it really great live, so we’ll probably bring that out on a few shows coming there. It’s always special for me, plus I like to play songs that are off the beaten path; they aren’t singles and only songs that super fans will know and I think that’s one of them.”

2019 marks 20 years since Buckcherry released their debut self-titled album and when asked if fans will see anything special marking the occasion, Todd states, “I think the celebration is us coming out and rocking with a great new record! All I can say is that I’m really grateful we have longevity, as there aren’t a lot of bands that get to do it. The percentage is very low, so to be one of those chosen bands is great! Plus we’ve worked very hard for it and I’m just in a good place in my life, both personally and professionally. So is this whole band, as we all get along very well, and you’ll see how it translates live.”

Drawing the interview to a close, Todd delivers a short but passionate call to arms declaring, “To all Australian fans; if you don’t have the ‘Warpaint’ record, get it, as it’s very special. Get your ass out to the rock show when we come to town, because it’s going to be unforgettable and the package with Hardcore is going to be amazing!”