“Today, we share some news with mixed emotions of sorrow and excitement. 
Our life-long friend and absolute integral member of the spirit of everything Hellions, Matt aka ‘Wob’, has decided that it is time for him to step away from Hellions. The upcoming Rue Album Tour across Australia will be the last time you will see Hellions in its current form. Following these shows, we will be taking a break to re-group and re-set.
Matt is a core Hellion and co-founding member of the band and although we wish him the absolute best and ultimate success, he will be greatly missed on the road. He wants to focus on other musical projects, and most importantly, growing aspects of his personal life. We hope to still collaborate with Matt in the future on writing and making music, however he will no longer be touring with the band.
However, the show MUST go on. The three remaining Hellions – Anthony, Dre and Josh – all have intentions of continuing on. Hellions will transform into something new and exciting that stays true to the stories we have told so far and the community that has grown around our music. With that being said, it will take us a while to figure out what our future looks like and what Hellions will become – we want to do ourselves, our Hellions community, and Matt the utmost respect and justice.
We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming dates; let’s see Matt off in style and sing together the songs that mean so much to all of us. It will be a while before we are playing shows again.”
Love, Hellions x

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