Words: Ellie Bozzi; Photos: Matt Holiday

As I sit down to write, the dreary rainy weather has me in an emotion-filled state, much like last night’s show. I embrace every emotion the once sunny and chirpy day has presented. Who knows what Melbourne’s unpredictable weather will exhibit next. The day has possessed its highs and lows, again, resembling the four-band lineup of the previous night’s broadly sentimental journey, containing endless talent from across the world. Opening up with Melbourne’s outfit Born Free, the Aussie talent continues to flow with Sydney’s Endless Heights up next. International Alternative emo’s Basement take to the stage third, hailing from England, and Californian Pure Noise Records boy’s The Story So Far close off the night, leaving the crowd speechless.

To begin the night on a different note, hardcore outfit Born Free blew away the rapidly piling in crowd. The energy expectations for the entire show were set then and there, when they brought their own personal style to the lineup.

Changing it up again, Endless Heights bounded on to the stage with captivating song Pray I Fade. It’s honestly a struggle to describe this mesmerising band, but Australia’s music scene is backing them for good reason, as pure catharsis begins, the second the band appear on stage. If you haven’t listened to them already, you’re in for an absolute treat and abundance of differently themed music that will change your earbuds forever. In being the most breathtaking band of the night, singer Joel Martorana snatched the spotlight. The set was missing a personal favourite Toxic, but was otherwise exceptionally thrilling.

It was now time for the dual headliners spectacle to begin. Continuing the theme of pure quality music, barely any on-stage banter was had, except for when the band spoke about their strong relationship with co-headliners The Story So Far. With the crowd being completely okay with their favourite bands squeezing in as many songs as possible, the perfect Basement set continued. The members of the band rocked their epitome of comfort and style, representing the genre perfectly. With lead vocalist Andrew Fisher rocking his plaid shirt, dad cap and baggy jeans.

Crowd Surfers were absolutely destroyed, in contrast with bubbly songs and sad songs, combined with tunes channeling anger and endless emotion, it was an invigorating night. As expected, the last two songs of the set really made the crowd go wild, with Covet and Promise Everything.

The next headliners, pop punk legends The Story So Far took the crowd by surprise, opening with heavily loved track Empty Space. With the stage lighting moving around rapidly, mimicking the energy of both the band and crowd, the enthusiasm had begun. From the moment the doors opened, the show was all about the music, nothing more. Running perfectly on time, the energy within the room, continued to remind people why the live music scene is most definitely alive and thriving.

Professional crowdsurf moments were truly a highlight of the show, where a genuine ‘no bullshit’ attitude is whole heartedly adopted by everyone in the room. The night continues with renowned vocalist Parker Cannon exclaiming “Let’s slow it down a little bit”.

With only ten minutes left to go of their set, a circle pit was demanded, a difficult task in Melbourne’s crowded, sold out venue 170 Russell. This ended the show perfectly with the band’s two biggest songs, including 2015’s huge hit Nerve.

The last show of the tour takes place in Perth April 25th, pick up your tickets HERE!