Darkcell are no strangers to that of the weird and eerie and that is exactly what we get from the Australian kings of darkness. The band’s upcoming self-titled album is out on the 12th of April, 2019 and you are here today because you are asking yourself, “is this album worth it?” Let’s find out.

The album opens with the eerie instrumental La Chambre Des Cauchemars sporting an array of spooky and distorted sounds, really setting the tone for this dark journey you’re about to embark on. This quickly leads on to the second track of the album The Big Nothing. This one kicks off straight away with an intense amount of energy, the drums in particular absolutely driving this one. The vocals are a bit dull and the song as a whole is a little repetitive for my liking but do not let this hinder your own opinion of this one as it still delivers the heavy in a huge way.

Reign Of Monsters opens with the chants of “La la la” showcasing the somewhat sassy nature of vocalist Jesse Dracman which I thought to be an incredibly nice touch. The opening riff tells us that this is a super jumpy song with high amounts of energy. The vocals are much more impressive in this one as opposed to the dull nature of “The Big Nothing” assisting in immersing us in this horror rock oriented track but don’t let my use of the word “rock” fool you, this one is a solid Metalcore track.

Burn The Witches gives us another super jumpy opening riff with an emphasis on the spook, but this one is a little different, the verses are much more laid back and chilled and it features extremely groovy guitar work throughout. I felt that the chorus was lacking in comparison to the rest of the song but luckily not enough to ruin it. The outro is extremely cool in that we hear an incredibly chilling organ and distorted vocals, almost giving me an evil carnival feeling.

The next track Scars & Stripes gives me a real NuMetalcore sounding vibe featuring a heavy as fuck breakdown with a cheeky rap which was very reminiscent of Attila. While I don’t have much to say about it, this is my favourite song on the album.

Godless is an absolute head banger from the get go with a really catchy chorus and amazing guitar work. Godless much like the other songs on this album is full of energy and cool hooks which you can guarantee will have you replaying this one often if you like your heavy driven riffs. The main lick of this song especially will be stuck in your head for days.

Night Rider is a very high intensity song which is extremely reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s higher energy works. Featuring super catchy verses with distorted vocals, this one you could almost dance to, it is THAT groovy. Night Rider shows off Darkcell’s creative side.

Carnevil literally starts off with circus music… that is an instant 10/10 from me. It features what I think is a saxophone solo, this song is simply pure greatness. You’ll have to check it out for yourself to really understand what I mean.

At number nine on the track list is Hail To The Freaks and this kicks your ass instantly. I tend to repeat myself a lot in my reviews but there’s simply no other word to describe this song other than “energetic” as shown by the insane shredder of a guitar solo that is sure to melt your face clean off. Be sure to have a mop bucket ready to clean up what is left of your face, you’re going to need it for this very Rob Zombie sounding track.

Next is Sold My Soul which starts an amazing horror themed synth intro before it kicks in with the evil sounding riffs. Featuring distorted vocals throughout which gives a nice shock rock vibe to accompany rather boppy rhythmic verses. Sold My Soul ends right where the final track of the album starts with the sound of a strong storm.

As mentioned; the final track on this so far great self-titled album Midnite begins where Sold My Soul ended with the rain being prominent throughout this rather slow paced and here’s that word again “eerie” song. With its boomy drums this one is the perfect end to the album.

Darkcell’s brand new self-titled album delivers on almost every aspect that I look for in music. It is heavy, creative, jumpy, and energetic and has a nice little bit of spook to it to set it apart from the rest. Darkcell continue to improve with every release and this is no different. If you like your music dark go and grab a copy.

The album is available to purchase from iTunes HERE.