Stamford, Connecticut’s HOSEMEN  are now streaming the entirety of their new album Saturday Nite Conformity over at Ghost Cult Magazine. The highly anticipated release is a mix of alternative, hard rock and metal and has been described as a cross between The Cure and Alice In Chains.

Listen to the album HERE

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An uncommonly hypnotic rock trio, Hosemen finds inspiration everywhere from the streets of Rotterdam to their dirty old hometown of Stamford, Connecticut.  Guitarist and frontman Anthony Quinn Carpanzano formed the band in 2005, changing the name from Mantyhose to Hosemen when bassist Brien Adams and drummer Wade McManus joined in 2016.  After more than a decade of dedication to songwriting and supporting the local music scene, Quinn and his Hosemen are finally ready to break out of the tristate area with their upcoming full length Saturday Nite Conformity.

1. Sickness
2. I Surround
3. Hollow Man
4. Saturday Nite Conformity
5. Touch the Skies
6. Rotterdam
7. Mush