After releasing their killer album ‘Mono’ in July 2017, Melbourne’s heavy as hell nu metalcore kings, Alpha Wolf are hitting us hard with their new EP ‘Fault’ set for release on April 19th via Greyscale Records.

Since 2013 Alpha Wolf have been bringing us their heavy hardcore tunes wrapped up in emotional and heartfelt lyrics that really hit home for a lot of us. With some recent line up changes, they are stronger than ever, and their new EP is a reflection of that. Alpha Wolf are Lochie Keogh on vocals, Sabian Lynch and Scottie Simpson on guitars, John Arnold on bass and Mitch Fogarty on drums.

Whilst previous releases have been brilliant in their own right, ‘Fault’ takes things to a whole new level. The songs are delivered with what feels like gut wrenching commitment to each note played and each word sung. ‘Fault’ is huge, in your face, brutal, relentless, emotional and also, just… beautiful.

Track one, No Name was released as the first single from the EP in December last year. It starts quietly but builds up quickly, drawing you in from the very start, like some kind of vortex that sucks you in and draws you into a whirlwind of heavy riffs and breakdowns and a feeling that sits deep within your chest. And this is just the beginning. With every song building on this, ‘Fault’ just keeps giving more and more.

Spirit Breaker does anything but that. No messing around with this track, straight into the in-your-face energy that Alpha Wolf do so well. Aggressive vocals and breakdowns that you feel in your soul. Something that happens to me with almost all Alpha Wolf tracks is that I am almost torn between focusing mostly on the lyrics and then wanting to focus on the drops and riffs and music, both done so well that I flick between the two and then swallow it all as a whole.

Russian Roulette picks up the pace yet again, it’s delivered with drive and force. With some spoken word in the middle of the track ‘You’re not a fucking victim…’ and breaks in the song. The title track Fault is up next. It’s a short 45 second break, with the sound of typing and spoken word, almost a diary entry to oneself with a ‘promise to be a better person.’ Followed up by the new single Sub-Zero that was released last month along with a blazing video to go along with it. All of Alpha Wolf’s lyrics are perfection but this track holds some of my favourite lines that get stuck in my head and I find myself singing to myself hours after listing to it… ‘Humility crushed like an insect, the conversation screamed to a halt, and I just need a goddamn cigarette, to fill my lungs, extort the pain…’

The EP ends with The Lonely Bones. This one feels like some kind of emotional release. Something about this track almost reminds me of a much more brutal and heavier La Dispute track, I think it’s the raw emotion behind it. But then that is part of who Alpha Wolf are; raw, real, full of emotion all wrapped in a blanket of heavy music delivered by talented musicians who throw their heart into every moment. ‘Fault’ is a journey of emotion and I can’t get enough of it.

The Alpha Wolf guys are currently on tour in Europe for the first time alongside Emmure, Fit For A King, Obey The Brave, and Rise Of The Northstar. When they get back, we will be treated to the ‘Fault’ Tour which kicks of in Sydney on the 24th of May and goes through Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. With supports from Daybreak and Mirrors, it’s going to be as huge as the EP itself. Tickets are available HERE.

‘Fault’ will be available on CD, Vinyl and Digital on April 19th. Pre-orders are available HERE for AU/NZ and HERE for the rest of the world.