Swedish melodic death metal outfit Amon Amarth have for over the two and a half decades been gracing the world of metal with their brand of fast, aggressive viking themed metal. In March of this year Amon Amarth revealed the first single ‘Raven’s Flight’ and the announcement of their upcoming album ‘Beserker’ due out on the 3rd of May this year. With a few works left before the release of the album we spoke with Amon Amarth’s bassist Ted Lundström about the band’s upcoming album.

‘We tried new things that were outside our box, that were some more classical elements, soundwise it’s powerful a little bit more heavy metal. As a whole there is also the more aggressive metal that people expect from us. We’ve sort of mellowed over the years and become more melodic. We used the acoustic guitar and classical elements’. Lundström stated in explanation of the direction of the album, with growing emphasis on the melodic elements as well as the use orchestral sounds and classical music. Lundström further went on to explain more of the classic rock and heavy metal influence on the new album: ‘Metallica are one of our favourites and the sound from the acoustic is the same , so it’s a tribute of sorts!’

‘Our last album was a concept album, this time we focused on the individual songs instead this time.’ when asked about how Berserker differs in relation to Amon Amarth’s previous studio effort ‘Jomsviking’, explaining that the band is returning to self-contained storytelling within their songs based in the classic Norse mythology and history.

‘The rest of the stories the songs tell are about the mythology. The beserker was a historical figure, that happened in history. ‘Fafner’s Gold’ is about a dragon who wants gold from the mythology, and Mjölnir,the hammer of Thor is about Thor’s hammer.’ As Lundström states that while the title track is derived from the historical battle between Norwegian viking forces and the English, the other tracks on the album are focused primarily on Norse mythology as Amon Amarth is so well known for, as well as the historical figure of the Berserker of Stamford Bridge.

‘ he mixed our DVD The Pursuit of Vikings and we were pleased with the outcome of that and decided to have him produce the album for us. I enjoyed having the room in the mix , typically you have the drums, you don’t hear it as much.You notice when it’s gone, so it’s good to fill out the lower end of the mix and to have room for me in it.’ Lundström states as he explains Ruston’s experience as a bass player allowed for more emphasis on the bass in the album’s final mix.

‘We did some work with Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy and PAIN before flying out to LA to do the final recording. We recorded our previous album in England it’s cold weather and often raining. This time we decided to record in sunny LA, classic albums and heavy metal were recorded there. The good thing is you record for so many hours a day and then get in an Uber and go the Rainbow or walk down the Sunset Strip, it’s a childhood dream! A lot of classic rock and heavy metal was created here and comes from LA.’ Ted explains on the experience of the final recording taking place in LA.

‘Getting the album in your hands and listening to it at home on your own speakers is the best part of the process!’ Upon being asked the best part of the creative process.

‘While not everyone will like the album, because that’s always the case, we do hope the fans do enjoy it. So far all of those who’ve listened, friends, family and those in the media have said that ‘it is your best album!’ Whenever you release a new album you hope that your newest album is your best album!’ Lundström comments when asked what he believes will be the fan reaction when the album is released.

‘The way we write works well live, as the way we play. We’re playing live shows in May in the US. Playing some support shows allows you to work out what works and gets you ready for the big shows, so we’ll know what works for the bigger shows. And we hope to go back to Australia sometime in the future.’ Lundström states in relation to Amon Amarth’s upcoming tour plans in the wake of the impending release of Berserker next month.

Amon Amarth’s eleventh studio album Berserker will be available from the 3rd of May 2019.

Berserker is available for pre-order from: https://www.amonamarth.com/