Hailing from Richmond, Virgnia, TellTale are a 4 piece alternative/pop punk band. ‘Timeless Youth’ is the bands debut LP, and is a follow up to their 2017 debut EP ‘Good Intentions’. Their LP will be released via SharpTone records on April 26th, and they cite their influences as Neck Deep, Fall Out Boy and Like Pacific. Telltale are John Carter on vocals, Bryce Marshall on guitar, Tim Fogg on bass and Travis Slack on drums.

First up is title track, Timeless Youth and in terms of opening tracks it has all the energy that you could want. A lot of the energy is coming from drummer Travis, and it’s his beat that really carries the track throughout. Bryce and Tim work perfectly together with their instruments and are really tight and in tune. John’s vocals are also worth mentioning with his switch from sung to screamed vocals seeming effortless.

Bouquet is up next and came with a stunning visual accompaniment that is definitely worth checking out as well. The Neck Deep and Fall Out Boy influences really come into play with this track both vocally and musically. The integration of sung and spoken vocals is a nice touch and is going to be something that makes these guys stand out from the crowd of pop-punk bands doing the rounds at the moment. 

Track three is What We Live For, and it kicks off like a radio being tuned before coming in loud and fast to blast your ears with awesome. John shows off his chops with being able to sing fast and still sound great, while slowing it down in the chorus and showcasing his range. It’s really a highlight of the record for me and will go down an absolute treat live.

There’s something you can always count on pop-punk bands doing, and that’s writing a song about their ex-girlfriend or their home town, and that’s exactly what Letting Go is. It’s the track that is most like a ballad on the record and it’s a nice change of pace from the preceding three tracks. If you’re going through a break up, or a hard time, blast this song as loud as you can and it’ll undoubtedly make you feel better.

Dazy is track five and if Letting Go is for when you’re having a bad time, Dazy is the song you play while you’re getting ready to go out and party. It’s got a really great party vibe and beat to it and will put you in a good mood. It’s also a track that again, will absolutely go off live and make you wanna sing loud and jump around.

Second last is Rose, and I forgot for a second what band I was listening to because this track in particular is super similar to Waterparks. This is not at all a bad thing as I really enjoyed the track and the vibe. I think it’s the chorus that made me think of Waterparks but I’m totally here for it. Another standout track for me on a record full of bangers.

Last, but definitely not least is Hereditary. It’s probably the track that’s the most different on the record but it’s also a really great way to round it out. It’s not a fast song, but it’s also not a balled. Although, you’re probably going to want to either hold your phone torch or lighter up live, or try and air guitar along to Bryce’s guitar solo, or air drum along with Travis. Definitely a great way to end an awesome debut LP that’s a ride from start to finish.

Pre-Order your copy of ‘Timeless Youth’, out April 26th via SharpTone Records HERE!