Sydney’s instrumental math-rock band SEIMS just released their EP ‘3.1’, a follow-up to 2017’s math-rock masterpiece album ‘3’, on March 29th. Now, they are today announcing that they are taking it up the East Coast of Australia and into Japan in May!! All ticket purchase information can be found

The tour sees SEIMS bring their soundscapes to Sydney (Lazybones), Brisbane (Betty’s Espresso) and Melbourne (Bar Open) on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May – and then jet off to Japan! Friday May 10 at Live Freak, Shinjuku, Saturday May 11 at Babel Rock, Tachikawa, Sunday May 12 at JAMMIN,Nagoya, Monday May 13 at Lush, Shibuya, Thursday May 16 at Gattaca, Kyoto, Friday May 17 at Sengoku, Osaka, Saturday May 18 at Neverland, Naru and Sunday May 19 at Arthouse, Kobe.

The band is of course expanding out from it’s one-man format for the tour – joining existing members Simeon Bartholomew on bass and synth, and Chris Allison (Plini / Mestis) on drums, are Sam Sheumack (SEIMS’ original guitarist) and Simon Dawes are joining on guitar and Kat Hunter (Lack the Low) is joining the band on synth and violin.

The new EP, a continuation on the themes of previous album “3”, was praised for its beautiful brushstrokes of sound.

The pieces of music on offer from SEIMS are like nothing else that you will listen to, and is a piece that will take the listener on a journey of auditory delight. Its beauty lies in the ability to transform the music throughout each piece so that where it begins is not where it ends and it is a display of music mastery.” – 27 Magazine

Beautifully arranged chaos with picturesque moments of emotion flowing throughout.” – Music Beyond Headlines

Is ‘cinemathic’ a word? If it isn’ is now. Cinematic/Math rock..yup.. Cinemathic. This music has an epic flavour to it. As if the motifs and melodies that surge through the walls of noise don’t belong to a film soundtrack?” – myindieaustralia

3.1 is SEIMS’ fourth musical instalment and was recorded and mixed by Tim Carr (Matt CorbyWe Lost The Sea) at One Flight Up Studios and at Harry’s Sunbeam and mastered by Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering (BattlesLightning BoltCity & Colour).