MYRATH have premiered the live video for “Born to Survive” at Loudwire. Watch and listen here.

The song appears on the power prog band’s new album Shehili, out May 3 via earMUSIC. The song is especially dear to the band’s heart and is an elegant fusion of powerful melodies with exceptional lyrics. With heavy rhythm and Andalusian influences, is the best execution of the band’s patented “Blazing Desert Metal” sound. 

This striking live video was taken from the band’s performance at the legendary Carthage amphitheatre, a magical venue located in Myrath’s home region of Tunisia. The band performed in front of 7,000 enthusiastic fans, making it one of the most impactful moments in Myrath’s career so far.

Myrath previously released the video for “No Holding Back.” Watch it here.

Shehili, although produced with extreme care, keeps a very natural and organic flavor. The recordings took place in Hamburg, Germany, Tunisia, and France to make sure every single note found its way into the mix. Shehili was mixed by three different producers, including Kevin Codfert, Eike Freese, and the world-famous Jens Bogren (who already worked on Legacy), in order to give each song the best possible treatment and make it shine.

“Asl (Intro)”
“Born to Survive”
“You’ve Lost Yourself”
“Wicked Dice”
“Monster In My Closet”
“Lili Twil”
“No Holding Back”
“Darkness Arise”