German band Stellar Master Elite have released a new lyric video for the single “Apocalypsis,” off their upcoming album Hologram Temple. Featuring darkly psychedelic visuals, the song delves into questions at the root of human nature. It’s easy to do what’s right in ideal conditions — but what kind of decisions do people make as their world dissolves into chaos? Then it’s not so easy…

While most bands focus on earthly matters, some look beyond the immediate and meditate on possible futures for humankind. Stellar Master Elite are one of these bands, and their fourth album Hologram Temple asks probing questions about the converging point between man and machine, wrapped in a crushing envelope of black metal, doom, and experimental electronica. Thundering fuzzy guitars meet pulsing rhythms and cosmic analogue synthesizers — the perfect stage for an authoritative growl to lead the way.

Influenced by science, philosophy, and the works of Philip K. Dick, Hologram Temple deals with the logical development of evolution and technology, and the resultant consequences. Where does overcoming mortality lead us?

Hologram Temple will be released on May 3rd at Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork as a double record in audiophile 180g format with etched side D and as a noble Digibook. Both publications receive a finishing by Hotfoil Embossing.

Pre-orders are available HERE

Listen to the album’s first single “Freewill Decrypted”: (SEIZURE WARNING) HERE