I recently had the privilege to chat with Ne Obliviscaris’ frontman Xenoyr about ‘The Painted Progression Tour’ next month. The band has recently been on a hefty touring schedule since the release of ‘Urn’, which began in Australia at the end of 2017. Since then they have travelled the world and only now finally return home after their latest stint in Asia. This latest Australian tour will feature a slew of great bands – Caligula’s Horse, Beyond Creation, Allegaeon, and Rivers Of Nihil, for 4 nights only.

The last time Ne Obliviscaris toured Australia was to kick off their run of shows across the world in support of their latest release ‘Urn’. Because of this as well as the fact that there is no new album to perform, fans can expect the latest tour to have a more mixed balance set. Said Xen “Last time we focused heavily on the Urn songs as that tour was promoting the album, but this time we’ve made it more of a mixed set, so less Urn and more everything else.” Choosing the set list for this tour involved trimming down the number of ‘Urn’ songs and upping others. “It wasn’t really hard to remove some of the Urn songs, we basically chose the set based on what kinds of songs the audience seemed to love the most, and then obviously you have all the old favourites.”

This is a one-off tour that serves to keep Aussie fans satiated between albums. “We like to play in Australia at least once a year, but it’s getting more and more difficult to do that as we continue to add international tours to our schedule. That’s why we decided to do this tour even though we’ve already done one here for ‘Urn’, because while we’re planning on getting a new album out that won’t happen until at least early next year, so it would end up being over two years between Australian shows.”

When it came to making a decision about what bands to feature on the line up, Xen remarked “Well we’ve played with most of these bands already, and know how good they are. It was hard to decide so we just went with all of them! It’ll be a longer show but it should be good.”

It’s a great thing for the band though to be able to play more overseas as they gain popularity in the international heavy music scene. Ne Obliviscaris have also been making tracks in how they earn their money. Through the Patreon platform they have created a community of fans called the Ne Obluminati, who contribute a monthly subscription fee of varying levels to access special content and perks.

One example of this was while recording ‘Urn’, Patreon members were invited to become part of the album and come together for a crowd vocals section of Libera (Part 1) and all participants were credited on the album. When asked about whether this platform has had a beneficial effect on their touring success or if the touring has helped the Patreon subscriptions, Xen noted “Yeah definitely. We wouldn’t be able to tour as much as we do if we didn’t. But at the same time over the past few months we have found we gain an extra few contributors after each show, so I guess it goes both ways.” The band is currently just over the halfway point for their monthly earning goal, and are helping to pave a new way of supporting bands doing what they love.

A new album is definitely in the works for Ne Obliviscaris – no real details yet but all Xen had to say was that “Yes we are definitely recording a new album. Once this tour is over we will focus more on it but expect a release in early 2020.” This also means we could also likely expect another Australian tour around that time.

Xen also made an interesting remark when reflecting upon the band’s international touring adventures. In terms of memorable cities, he made an interesting comment regarding Finland’s capital. “Helsinki definitely stood out to us, even London as well. But Helsinki we had a huge crowd and the city itself was very similar to Melbourne.” It’s good to see parts of your hometown in other parts of the world, but at the end of the day there is no place like home.

Tickets for The Painted Progression Tour are on sale here! Get yours now and don’t miss out on what will be an epic show of heavy music mayhem!