Interview by Matt Maric

Judging by the reports of ticket sales, a lot of you are aware that August Burns Red are returning to our shores for the first time since 2015, on the back of the tenth anniversary of ‘Constellations’. After all these years the album still has a huge following, with singles White Washed and Marianas Trench combining for over 22 million streams on Spotify!

Getting to speak with Dustin Davidson (Bass/Backing Vocals) about the October visit, the first topic was about the long overdue return to Australian shores and Davidson was quick to express “dude, I’m very excited! I’ve been saying it all the interviews today and all I’ve been talking about is how excited we are to come back. As you mentioned, it’s been since 2015 so we’re long overdue! I was really hoping and had plans to stay after and traveling for a couple of weeks, but we’ve got a show in Honolulu…ah well, there’s always next time!” Davidson then went on to explain how the idea for the tour “simply came about because we had done the 10 year anniversary for ‘Messengers’ a couple of years ago; plus a lot of people who still come out to our shows today, mention ‘Constellations’ is a favourite of theirs. So it just seemed fitting that we honour that record and play it from start to finish, much like we did for ‘Messengers’.”

Davidson was asked if there were any songs he was excited to perform that didn’t get much stage time over the years and after instantly pointing out “Ocean of Apathy is probably my favourite song on ‘Constellations’”, Davidson then went into greater depth about the joys a tour like this brings out across the board:

“With the catalogue that we have today with so many records, it’s so hard to be able to pull deep cuts like Ocean of Apethy or Indonesia which is another fun song to play live. I don’t want to say it’s the last time we’re going to play those songs, but it is the last time you’re going to hear them for a while! That’s what is most exciting about tours like this; getting to brush the dust of those tracks, bring them to light again and play them for people who might not have gotten to see them performed live. Another one to mention is Meridian, which is kind of a slow jam that has some good vibes to it; that’s one we used to play live, but we haven’t gotten the chance to do it in a while. It’s exciting to play because we do three guitars on that song, so not only do I do third guitar, but our guitar tech comes on stage to play bass. It’s a lot of fun for him and I love having him on stage with us for that! I think some people might not know that I play guitar as well and I play guitar on anything I’ve written; I love guitar and it’s what I strive to be better at,”

Considering ‘Constellations’ is celebrating its tenth anniversary and August Burns Red have released five albums since then, it is no surprise that Davidson has to take time to sit down and re-learn a couple of songs from the album. Touching on this further, Davidson stated how “I’m going to have to revisit Rationalist as I wrote that and it’s a song we haven’t played for ten years! I’ll be playing all the other songs on bass and whilst going through the tabs I wrote for myself, I found out that I didn’t take very good notes (laughs) So whilst I might be able to hear it on the record if I listen to it, I’m one of those people who likes to improve every now and then. I might just learn it loosely so I can leave room for improve; that being said, bass isn’t as difficult for me, so as long as I know the rhythm, I can add a couple of notes and change it up nightly. I’m really excited for this, as it’s almost like I’m re-writing the bass parts and it’s really cool!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Davidson just wanted fans to know “I’m sorry it’s been so long; we haven’t been back since 2015 and whilst it wasn’t our intention, unfortunately that’s how things worked out. I can’t wait to come back, play some shows for you guys and spend some time there. I’m not lying when I say this, but it’s one of my favourite places to travel to and I take your culture with me, as I get people to teach me Australian slang…I mean, I know about the dunny!”