Australian progressive music has become internationally renown as some of the world’s best! The most isolated capital city in the world, Perth, in Western Australia has produced an unusually high percentage of those acts. Is it something about the isolation? The water? Whatever it is, so long as it continues to exist, the prog scene will thrive!

Perth four piece Agnesis will release their new EP, Paradeigma on April 10 followed by a launch show and an upcoming national tour.

Agnesis have just released a music video for the first track off Paradeigma ‘Ransack’. Check it out below.

Paradeigma will be released on Wednesday, April 10. Pre Order Now HERE.

Agnesis are:
Daniel Christoffersen – Vocals, Guitar
Josie Crosby – Vocals, Bass
Daniel Johnson – Guitar
James Handebeaux – Drums

Connect with Agnesis online:
Official Website