Last September and October, the one and only Lagerstein celebrated, partied and drank their way around our fair country for Lagerfest. Starting this Saturday, the seven miscreant pirates are embarking on the Beer Right Back tour around Australia before jetting off to Europe to play Wacken Open Air festival and record their third album. Before the tour kicks off and the rum is all drunk, we caught up with keytarist and violinist Mother Junkst to chat about the bands ventures this year.

First I asked Mother Junkst if he and his fellow pirates were looking forward to heading out on tour again. “So much! That’s the reason we do Lagerstein, is to play music and it’s been a real busy 5 or so months since Lagerfest.” Junkst also went on to say “Just super keen. We’ve been working really hard, bringing a whole new show this time. It’s feeling very fresh and just really looking forward to going to party with everyone.” Intrigued by Junkst’s comment of ‘a whole new show’, I asked him if he could tell me a little bit more about it. “It’s new in lots of ways. We’ve got our new completed seven piece lineup.” The new members being drummer Rusty Timbers, and bassist Lucky The Great, who join Mother Junkst, vocalist Cptn. Gregarrr, guitarists The Majestic Beast and Neil Rummy Rackers and keyboardist Jacob, The Fiercest Pirate in all the Carribean. “We’re gonna be playing some new songs off the third album, before we head off to Sweden to record them.” Joel also added “Without giving too much away, we’ve got some pretty fresh party gags taking things to a whole new level of fun.”

A Lagerstein show is a complete experience, and I asked Junkst what someone who was going in for their first time could expect. “On the surface you’d maybe get a lot of ‘yarr’ but I think, in my own words, I feel like it’s a mixture of a house party cross with musical theatre cross with a metal gig.” I had to take a moment to have a laugh here, but once I got myself back together, Junkst continued on to say “Just a really fun community of people who have a really good time. Put down their worries and become a pirate for the night.” He also said, about the show itself “We try to do something really engaging, really theatrical and just good heavy metal. Good dancing.” As pirates are very much the theme of Lagerstein, I asked Junkst if he and his bandmates encouraged their audience dressing up at their shows. “Yeah definitely. I think come as a pirate, come as a wench, come as whatever really! Pirates are very popular, of course, but we have all sorts of costumes turning up. Just come with your best party spirit! That’s what you need for Lagerstein.”

I next turned the conversation towards Lagerstein’s plans after the Australian Tour wraps up. “The Australian tour wraps up on the 14th, then on the 20th of April we head off to Sweden to record our album.” On the topic of the album, Junkst went on to say “We’re working with Fredrik Nordström who’s worked with Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir. We’re really keen to be able to go into the studio and work for 21 days straight basically to bring this album to life.” He also said “Everyone in the group is really keen to get away, nobodies been to Sweden before so kind of a different environment and being able to focus on the creative drive and making the album together.” Keeping on the topic of the album, I then asked if they had finished writing the record, or if there was more to be done once they arrived in Sweden. “I think knowing Lagerstein we’ll probably still be changing things and making the album until the very last second. In general though, it’s come along really awesome. All the songs are done.” He elaborated further with “As any Lagerstein album, it’s gonna be a big story and a whole adventure. It’s mostly done but we’re really about the flow. It’s also why we’re excited to work with Fredrik because we wanna bring him what we think we have and take our first draft into the studio and craft it into something better.”

To one of the more theatrical elements of Lagerstein now, I asked Mother Junkst how he and his bandmates came up with their stage names. “I think that nicknames are just a really big part of Australia culture as it is, and it just came really naturally. I was nineteen when we started the band and the names, it feels like a lifetime ago!” Junkst went on to say “The names just came as a funny ‘that’s what we’re gonna call you!’ and ‘that’s what we’re gonna call you!’ I believe that your pirate name just comes to you, you can’t choose your pirate name but it just comes to you!”

Turning back to the live element, I asked Junkst if there is a particular song in the set when, for him, is the ‘yes I get to play this song next’ moment. “I feel like it changes a lot. In general, I don’t really like of the songs so much as playing the show and really channelling the party energy.” The smile is clear in Junkst’s voice when he went on to say “What I love so much about what we do is the connection we get with the audience, and that we get together as band mates and just making that music together. It’s just the party atmosphere that I love so much.” Whilst on the topic of partying, I asked if we were going to get to hear the bands epic cover of Eddie Murphy’s ‘Party All The Time’ on the tour. “Yes! It will definitely be there, Eddie Murphy’s coming out in style reimagined for the dancing folk of Australia!”

Finally, I asked Junkst if there was a final message he wanted to leave for the fans. “I’m really looking forward to getting on the road and seeing all the fans again. I really believe we’re bringing the best Lagerstein show ever for this tour! It’s a massive support before we go away for five months to tour and record the album. The party is what keeps us going!”

Get your tickets to the Beer Right Back Tour, kicking off March 30th on the Gold Coast HERE!