Kicking off later this week, is a once in a lifetime experience that you will kick yourself if you miss! If you haven’t heard the news, John Corabi is making the trip to Australia for the first time to not only do a solo show, but also perform ‘Motley Crue’ in its entirety. Corabi is a very busy man and with the tour being less than a week away at time of interview, getting time to speak to him was very hard to come by.

The first topic of the interview was about the Australian visit literally on his dorrstep and Corabi proclaimed “It’s crazy!” before going into further detail, pointing out “as you said, the trip to Australia is fast approaching and whilst I’m actually on tour doing solo acoustic shows, my band has been rehearsing; I actually do one more show tomorrow, then I drive home to rehearse with the guys, before we fly to Australia to do the shows! Then after that, I come right back after the last show and pick right back up where I left off with the acoustic shows…what was I thinking? Honestly though it’s going to be awesome, as it’s my first ever solo show of any sort in Australia! However I think the part I’m most excited about, is the fact I get to bring my son with me, as my son is my drummer. I’m really looking forward to him experiencing and getting to see how awesome Australia is, as that’s just gonna be cool. From memory, my two guitar players were there not that long ago with Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley, plus I think my bass player was there not too long either, but my son most definitely hasn’t been there!”

When asked how the concept of celebrating 25 years of ‘Motley Crue’, Corabi pulled no punches as he explained “to be perfectly frank with you, it was the idea of my manager at the time; it was around the time Motley were getting ready to go out on their farewell tour and I was out doing some shows. At one of my shows, someone from the audience yelled out “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY” and my first response was “what the hell are you talking about, it isn’t my anniversary…” They cleared the air and let me know that “today was the day your record came out; 20 years ago today!” The next day, my manager called as it was all over the internet and he let me know “I have already spoken to the rest of the band and they want to do it, so I honestly think you need to go out and play this music” as in hindsight, Motley never played in Canada, South America, Europe or the UK and “I honestly can guarantee that Motley won’t go out and play that material, so I think you need to go out and play it, as a lot of people will want to hear it live!” So, he basically talked me into it (laugh) Now, I will say this; I did it for the year of the 20th anniversary and into the following year a little bit, before joining The Dead Daisies. Now I’m doing these four shows in Australia and I’m saying it now publically; this will be the LAST four shows that you see of me doing just the ‘Motley’ the material, as I’m putting it to bed!”

John Corabi Live 2014 I

Taking time to talk about what song he is most looking forward to performing on the upcoming visit, Corabi points out “I think Misunderstood kind of encapsulates everything about that record, because it’s got acoustic in it yet its heavy, it had orchestra in it, it’s got great backing vocals with a little bit Glen Hughes on it plus everybody played really well! That song took every aspect of the record and put it all together; even when I do my acoustic shows, that for some reason seems to be the one song that everybody just loves.”

Corabi briefly touched on performing songs from the Quaternary EP, delivering a teaser as he states “if we get an encore, possibly. As its four shows in a row of full tilt vocals, it depends on how my throat is holding up. That will majorly impact which one I pull out of the hat, but I have a couple of songs from Quarternary on the sidelines”, before explaining what keeps him motivated after all these years:

“There’s just something amazing about being in a room with three or four other individuals and showing them a riff, before having it develop into something just awesome. I’m really looking forward to taking time soon and putting together a new record! I think I have a love of great ideas and I’m just really excited to see what everybody contributes and how it comes out. That’s what motivates me; it’s a mixture of the next idea and hopefully getting better!

Drawing the interview to a close, Corabi was quick to passionately express “I can’t wait to come and see you guys, as I’m really excited about this and I am looking forward to seeing my Australian friends again. I’m also looking forward to it having a great turn out, as we’ll have of fun and hopefully it opens the door for me to come down on a somewhat regular basis in the future!”


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