Canada’s GONE COSMIC have released their second single, Faded Release off their upcoming debut album “Sideways In Time”Faded Release  is premiered on Beatroute and will definitely have you entranced in their psychedelic fuzz vibes.

Vocalist Abbie Thurgood comments:

“Faded Release is a throat punching, face melting, melodically driven trip. Starting off unknowingly sweet and approachable, quickly turning the tides to clutch your attention and shake your senses. It touches on the ultimate sacrifice and give-all nature that takes place for a loved one, be it a friend, a lover, a partner, etc. Faded Release focuses on when passion is what drives your intention and those surrounding see it as an opportunity to take advantage.”

Fade into another world with Faded Release at the following link:

“Sideways In Time” will be released April 12, 2019, through Kozmik Artifactz and available for pre-order on Bandcamp here.

Comprised of musicians from Western Canadian staple acts Chron Goblin, Witchstone, Funkenshiest, and The Torchettes, fans have an idea of what to expect from this quartet, but can drink it all in, live, on the following dates listed below.