Parting Gift have released the music video for “3:07 (Moonlight).” The song appears on the the UK band’s new EP, Ensom, out today viaFearless Records.

“This is the first cry for help, the plea to the enemy,” says vocalist Zac Vernonof the composition. “When one attempts to face their nemesis and ask it what it wants, only to realize it wants nothing but the suffering. It is the understanding that the paralysis it brings about one can only endure without fighting it. This is where one surrenders themselves to the black water.”

Parting Gift previously issued “Without Sin” and “Pale.” The atmosphere, beauty, darkness, and depth of Parting Gift’s black metal roots can be pinpointed throughout their own sound and aesthetic. Combined with the layered shimmer of shoegaze, gorgeous simplicity of indie rock, and bludgeoning weight of post-hardcore, it is a smorgasbord of influences designed to ensnare and enrapture.  

Parting Gift is a place of expression through the emotions that this existence deals out. Be it through love or loss, hatred or hardship, the music exists to be dissected. Using the darkness of the world we live in to create something beautiful is a very special trait and one that Vernon doesn’t take lightly. 

“As you grow up, you realize that the world isn’t always a happy place to live in,” Vernon said. “Speaking from personal experience, I have seen a lot of bad things happen. Going into Parting Gift, I was viewing everything in a really negative light. Even though things have changed now, I can still channel all of that negativity into the way I write. I could be in the best mood but I could still come up with the darkest lyrics. I just couldn’t write something happy now.”

Ultimately, Parting Gift are more than just a band. It is a feeling of release that we all possess. An urge deep inside that wants to break out, letting us be as happy, sad, angry or passionate as we want to be. Even at such an early stage in their journey, the band is serving as a vessel for the most human parts of existence and Vernon hopes that can continue as they venture deeper in what it truly means to be. “Going forward, I want to hone in on the craft of enabling people to feel like they belong to something. We want people to feel like they are an integral part of all of this,” he stated.

Zac Vernon — Vocals
Peter Vybiral — Guitars
Jack Dutton — Guitars  
George Barnes — Drums