For your listening pleasure today I present Any Given Day, a German five-piece formed in 2012, constructed of the talented and imposing presence of vocalist Dennis Diehl, lead guitarist Andy Posdziech and Dennis ter Schmitten on rhythm guitar and back-up vocals, bassist and back-up vocals Michael Golinski and drummer Raphael Altmann.

To detail the band’s sound, Any Given Day’s influences have included several genres such as Deathcore, Progressive Metal, Metalcore and Djent. Their latest album may not lean towards a Deathcore or heavy Djent sound, but there is plenty to keep fans satisfied.

The new album ‘Overpower’ offers 11 new tracks that stay true to their personal style and continues on from the 2014 album ‘My Longest Way Home’ and 2016’s ‘Everlasting.’ This album’s powerful Metalcore presence brings a mature, cleaner, vocal driven sound, still with the inclusion of the traditional Metalcore growls and guitars interlacing to create some memorable tracks on a notable album. ‘Overpower’ is an album built on the powerful, evocative lyrics delivered by the commanding vocalist Dennis Diehl, with many raw lyrics discussing topics of hardship, motivation and resilience. The album is devoid of filler tracks with every track holding its place, containing plenty of ballads throughout the album, and maintains clean transitions between songs.

Any Given Day have spent time with some awesome Metal artists in the scene including Caliban and Bury Tomorrow, and produced the song Arise with Trivium vocalist Mathew Heafy! The band albums have shared sounds and elements with the likes of Annisokay, Wovenwar, Bury Tomorrow and Bad Wolves with their clean vocals and Metalcore style.

To discuss the new album ‘Overpower,’ the opening tracks Start Over, Loveless, Saviour and Lonewolf deliver the archetype style for the album with all of the tracks conveying influential messages throughout the lyrics of overcoming negative situations, personal power and fighting back against our personal demons. Each track offers hard and heavy guitar riffs, crunching bass lines and great drumming to match with the mixed vocal approaches.

My personal favourite from ‘Overpower’ has to be the track Taking Over Me, with its fast-paced aggressive style that feels like a Slipknot-inspired track with some turntable and electronic influences that provide a unique layer to the track. The vocal switches will make sure this is a mosh pit favourite, with its ballads and breakdowns creating an incredible track as the vocals are gut-wrenching, dark, passionate and expressed by a man living the words through his emotive lyrics and powerful storytelling experience.

To analyse this album has been quite difficult as Any Given Day have stuck mostly to the style and sound the band have delivered in previous albums. In 2019, ‘Overpower’ is for most part, a type of matured continuation of their previous albums, but some critics may notice the overuse or lenience towards clean vocals, at times not fitting with the song itself. Upon the first listen through it is a feeling a fan will notice during the listening process as either a love or hate moment, or a perfect twist to their personal style, as I am sure some fans will enjoy the large influence and presence of clean-based vocals on this album.

‘Overpower’ delivers many positive points but may create just as many points of controversy for long-time fans. The Djent elements of earlier albums are rare, with the band seemingly more comfortable with the new melodic heavy style rather than some of their previous Deathcore-inspired tracks.

‘Overpower’ will be a little confusing to Metal purists, with some elements of songs working really well with the European style shredding guitars and their guttural vocals, but the sometimes out of place clean vocals may be a turn off as it can break the energy of the song. This album does seem to leave a bitter taste with the feelings of what could’ve been if the album favoured the heavier themes rather than the safer, mature sounds and style.

However, that being said, ‘Overpower’ may be of a particular taste to many fans who like a band with a focus more on the melodic elements of their style and deserves a place in your Metalcore playlist.

‘Overpower’ track listing

  1. Start Over
  2. Loveless
  3. Savior
  4. Taking Over Me
  5. Lonewolf
  6. Devil Inside
  7. Sure To Fail
  8. In Deafening Silence
  9. Whatever It Takes
  10. Fear
  11. Never Surrender

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