There’s a rumble coming from Melbourne, VIC. Australian 5 Piece Metalcore outfit Windwaker have gone from strength to strength, after forming in Wagga Wagga, NSW, relocating, and dropping their debut EP ‘Fade’ in May 2017. Their breakout single ‘New Infinite’ was released in 2018, and the band played alongside the likes of Haken (UK), The Algorithm (FRA), Slaves (USA), Miss Fortune (USA) and scored coveted spots at Bigsound Festival and Download Festival. Their newest record ‘Empire’, released on March 22nd, covers new ground for Windwaker. Guitarist/Vocalist Liam Guinane explains:

“My Empire, for us, is a bit of an exploration. It’s our first time collaborating as a 5 Piece Band. Our material prior to this record was more lead by Chris, our Drummer. The Material was more his hands on approach whereas this time it was way more collaborative, which encompassed our all 5 of our personalities whether they are contrasting or cohesive.”

There is definitely a feel the band has refined their sound further. Guinane points out:

“It’s been a long process of experimentation. New Infinite was the start of that process. We introduced some of our new personalities, Myself and Jesse as we haven’t been in the band that long. Then, we wanted to explore ground that we hadn’t explored yet. Whether that be sonic/musically, or even just tackling lyrically and conceptually some of the things like mental health and dealing with the darkness that surrounds us in our life and we, as in all of us in humanity, the darknesses we face as well as trying to find that light overcoming those darknesses.”

With those new elements in tow, the band is bubbling with excitement with the offering and are eager to share it with the world. Guinane elaborates:

“We’re ridiculously excited to showcase what we’ve been up to for the last 6 to 8 months writing this music. So far with the 3 tracks that are out already, it’s exceeded our expectations. The response we’ve gotten, especially with The Sitch, it was one of those songs that we were kind of a little bit anxious to put out. It’s such a different sound for us and hearing that people enjoy it and thought we executed on it well. We’re really excited for everyone to hear the rest of the record.”

Their profile is growing too. Having recently been added to Download Festival’s Melbourne Lineup in Triple J’s Unearthed Slot is an example of just how much impact they are starting to have with audiences which has been exciting rise for Windwaker. Guinane states:

“It was quite unique. I don’t think we were fully prepared for what we were to play. We’re so used to playing venues to a crowd of say 200 – 500 people and this was so much bigger than what we ever could have anticipated. There was a really great turn out and we learnt a lot from playing. I hope we get to play more festivals in future because I certainly had a great experience as well as the rest of the band. It was a lot of fun.”

Live shows are also an area they are keen to grow and develop. Guinane elaborates:

“We’re in the middle of road testing a lot of stuff at the moment. We’re always wanting to experiment whether that be in studio or on stage. At the moment, we’re looking to add more production to our sets. I don’t wanna give away the surprises but what you can expect is a lot of energy and a really tight, well balanced sound. We’re really conscious of the audio quality that we’re putting out. Whether that be guitar tones or the samples that we put in our tracks.”

After Empire’s release, things don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon with the band keen on showcasing the record and further development in their sound. Guinane continues:

“Hopefully for the rest of the year, we’re going to be doing some travelling around the country, a few tours. We really want to push this record as much as we can. Hopefully towards the end of this year, getting back into the studio and writing some more music. We want to see what new direction we can take the band and explore another dimension that the band has to offer.”

‘Empire’ is released March 22nd.