This year marks five years for She Cries Wolf, who are undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s most popular melodic hardcore bands. There is a lot happening for the guys this year already, having just released their latest single Magdalene and their latest album ‘Liar’, all of which is all being backed up with a tour kicking off in May. With quite a few things to chat about, frontman Luke Harriss begins by talking about the single Magdalene and how it came about that The Amity Affliction’s Ahren Stringer did guest vocals for this track.

“Gall (Luke Gallows), our drummer and Ahren and Joel (Birch) from Amity go way back. A mutual friend of theirs passed away early last year, it kind of brought them back together, that terrible experience. We had started recording demo recordings of our new album at that point and Gall showed Ahren one of the songs which turned out to be Magdalene. Ahren said ‘Hey guys I am keen to work on that track with you’ and Gall was like ‘Absolutely!’. So, we sent him the demo version without my vocal on it. Ahren spent the day recording it at his home and sent back the recordings and that made it to the final mix. It was a really cool experience for me because Amity Affliction were one of the first local bands I saw at a local level live. I guess as a high school kid, looking up to them; we are talking back in the day when they used to play Severance and all those old songs. It was a really cool thing to come full circle and have him singing some lyrics and somewhat of a melody that I had written.”

Just two days after the release of the single, the band surprised fans by releasing their third album ‘Liar’ with not much to give it away leading up to the release other than the hashtag #everyonelovestheliar, a clever and intriguing way to grab fans attention. Harriss explains how it was a group effort between the band and their publicist, Tim Price from Collision Course.

“The hashtag was the bands idea, but Tim from Collision Course definitely helped us with that idea. We knew we wanted to do something with the artwork; the reason we didn’t include our band name on the artwork itself was because we wanted the album to be the main focus but also so we could release the album artwork without anyone knowing it was us. We got the band to share it (the hashtag) and our friends to share it, especially the boys in Stepson because they had been teasing an album for a long time, so that really helped. Then obviously having the boys in Amity share it as well was really cool. So, it was a team effort between the band and Tim.”

The album has been noted to be deeper and more intense than the previous two albums. Harriss reflects on why this is, how happy he is with the result of the album. After only one week ‘Liar’ had 20K plays on Spotify.

“Basically, over the last 2 and a half years, not just myself, but everyone in the band, have all been through a lot of pretty intense things; a lot of firsts within our life. Some really great things have happened, like we have had children, got engaged, so there have been a lot of great things. But there has also been a lot of negative things; we have had two suicides, it has been a whirlwind of emotions and a lot of things we haven’t really been prepared for. Previously to this, when I wrote ‘Divorce,’ that album, I guess… it wasn’t immature, but I was feeding from a lot of my teenage angst and a lot of my younger years. Then ‘Doubt’ was just somewhere in between, probably a little more mature. Then with ‘Liar’ I kind of; I feel like we are addressing more adult issues with this album, that is why it is so deep. They are quite confronting lyrics. The album is not one hundred percent me lyrically, that has been a really special thing for me. I contributed about forty percent of this album lyrically. I structured all the lyrics that appear on the album but there was forty percent of the lyrics provided by someone else, in the form of poems and things they had written whilst experiencing some pretty crazy things. Then there was another person that contributed ten percent and another person that contributed ten percent. There was 4 people that worked with me on it. I think that’s what really made it a cohesive piece all together; everyone who was contributing had the idea of the ‘Lair’ in their mind, so they knew the concept of what we were trying to strive towards. Everything kind of flowed together so that it could read as if it was all just one story. If any single person had been through all of the things we cover in the album I don’t think they would be a very sane person by the end of it, it is pretty full on.”

The ‘Liar’ tour is presented by Black Sun Bookings and kicks off in May, with support from Sydney’s Heists and Perth’s Ratking (for the Perth show) plus more support bands to be announced. The tour travels through Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane and for the first time, Perth. Harriss enthuses about commencing the tour and how much the band loves playing live shows.

“As a band we love writing and we love creating music, but we definitely live and breathe for the live shows. We are really keen; we have been practising like crazy to really translate these songs in a nice live format. It is sounding incredible and I can’t wait to share it live.”

She Cires Wolf Tour Poster.png