The UK’s Parting Gift have shared the video for “Without Sin” from their upcoming EP Ensom, out March 22 on Fearless Records.

“Without Sin” showcases a more ethereal, melody-driven facet to the Manchester band’s far-reaching and expansive sound. It’s a dreamy mix of shoegaze pop and rock. Delivering the most emotive of performances to every audience they play to, Parting Gift’s latest track conveys that intensity perfectly. “A word to the ordinary,” says vocalist Zac Vernon of the track. “A reminder that this can happen to anyone, the purest of souls. Its taint does not pick and choose and it is ruthless. The ones who pursue their self-betterment can occasionally free themselves from it and take a breather, only to see it come back stronger. However, it’s a reminder that, in spite of the darkness, it is always worth not giving in.”

The Ensom EP is a powerful statement from one of the UK’s most exciting up and coming rock talents. It paints a dark but heady picture with the band’s unique approach to sound. Vernon says, “The basis of the entire EP is the feeling of a cold, dark entity making one unable to feel anything. The darkest of dreams and visions, delusions. It is walking the thin line between what is real and what is in your mind. It is the obsession by what is seemingly out of one’s control. A sort of coping strategy for the pain it causes.”

The Manchester band previously released the single “Pale.” Watch the video here.

1. “Pale
2. “03:07 (Moonlight)”  
3. “Without Sin”  
4. “Cold”
5. “Ensom”

Zac Vernon — Vocals
Peter Vybiral — Guitars
Jack Dutton — Guitars  
George Barnes — Drums

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