After getting to experience the sold-out phenomenon that was the Return to Roots tour in 2017, this interviewer was more than excited to hear that both Max and Iggor Cavalera were returning to Australia during March to perform both ‘Beneath the Remains’ and ‘Arise’ in the same night. Cavalera was most excited to talk about the upcoming visit and kicked it off by talking about how the Return Beneath Arise tour idea eventuated:

“Roots was full of success in Australia and we got the idea to do ‘Beneath the Remains,’ so we took it to both Russia and South America. We realised that ‘Beneath the Remains’ was better than ‘Roots;’ there was a different vibe, it was more exciting and better than what we expected. As much as I love ‘Roots,’ both albums together is a powerhouse! In fact America is very jealous of you and are very mad at you because you’re getting this first,” he laughs. “I was very happy when I saw that Australian dates were confirmed and judging by the last time we came to Australia which wasn’t that long ago, on the back of this tour, I think it’s going to be great!”

Touching further on how Australian fans are getting the Return Beneath Arise tour, Cavalera proudly exclaimed, “When Roots toured Australia, every show was sold out and we’re hoping the same thing happens time around,” before going into further detail:

“When we were in South America, it was insane. People were at the airport with flags and banners; it was like we were literally back in the mid-90s! It was a great feeling and I even talked to Iggor about how, ‘This is cool, right?’ as it was exciting to see this reaction from this fans and it also made us fall in love with these albums again! A lot of times in my career, I don’t look back at my own work, as it’s always going forward; whether it be the next project, the next tour or the next album, you never take the time to look and appreciate what you’ve done. I think they’re phenomenal records and we were very young when we made them; I think we were 19 years old, but we were onto something really powerful. But now that time has passed, some of those records are the soundtrack of peoples’ lives, they grew up with that shit and want to see it live more than ever! So I understand the level of fanaticism they get with this project, and it’s understandable as there’s a lot of power in those songs; when we play Desperate Cry, Slaves of Pain and Dead Embryotic Cells, people literally lose their minds! I am blessed that I get to do that with Iggor and we’re both healthy, in good spirits and you can’t take it for granted as at any minute, one of us can be gone!”

With ‘Beneath The Remains’ being released back in 1989 and ‘Arise’ being released in 1991, a lot of time has passed and the style / talent of both Cavalera brothers has evolved in numerous ways. Cavalera lets out a laugh and states, “Man, it was a bitch,” when asked if they experienced any difficulties re-learning these songs, before elaborating further just how much of an experience it was:

“Both Iggor and I kept wondering, ‘what are we thinking; this is insane as these riffs are crazy and the structure doesn’t make any sense!’ But that’s what made me fall in love with the album again; this is part of the magic of records. I mean, the production on those albums isn’t the greatest, but there’s a magic feeling about how it was created and we took it very seriously. I told Iggor if we’re doing this tour, I wanted people to leave the venue without me seeing one negative reaction on the Internet; I don’t want to hear bad shit, as I want everyone to fucking love this thing! So we took this very serious and I think we went a little bit overboard from the professional side, as we really learned it piece by piece and made certain things better. I mean the way we play Altered State, Desperate Cry and Dead Embryotic Cells is better now; the only way you can actually do that is with time, as time allows you to evolve and play things differently as to when you first wrote them. Because of that, we get to play them better now, plus we have a great band who’s in fantastic shape! I recently watched some videos from Mexico City and Chile; I’ve watched them and I was completely blown away by how good they were and how exciting it was. Even through the Internet and through the shitty phone recording, you can still feel the vibe and the energy!”

Taking time to speak to Cavalera on a personal level, the topic of conversation turned to what songs he was looking forward to performing most on this visit to Australia; Cavalera made it known that he couldn’t choose just one or two as, “When we toured in South America and Russia, my favourite songs were Stronger than Hate, Infected Voice and Primitive Future. Plus there were the bigger songs like Arise, Dead Embryotic Cells and Inner Self and you can never go wrong with them! But I really enjoyed doing stuff we’ve never done before such as Altered State and as I mentioned before, we made a new version of it that’s also longer. For me the coolest thing is that we’re doing the albums together and whilst it was initially Iggor’s idea, I loved it as I feel both albums are connected to some crazy cosmic force, where both records were made in the same way. Not only did Scott Burns produce both records, but it was like the records are made for each other; ‘Beneath the Remains’ is going down and ‘Arise’ is coming up.”

After having already delivered so much insight into what both the band and fans delivered in South America / Russia, Cavalera wanted Australian fans to be aware, “It’s a marathon set getting through both those records and I was completely exhausted from the magnitude of the show; plus the fans were sweaty but happy and leaving with smiles on their faces! That’s what we’re hoping to achieve when we tour before too long, as that’s the best feeling in the world. Those songs are energetic and adrenaline-fuelled and they take a toll on you, but in a good way!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Cavalera showed nothing but love and respect for Australia, letting it be known, “I have to thank all the Australian fans as the Roots tour was so good, so exciting and so much fun playing those sold out shows. I hope these shows sell out too; it deserves to be. I can’t wait and I hope we can come back with Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy, as my music is very well received in Australia and I love to come back and play at any time!”