Getting time to speak with any band before the release of their upcoming album is hard enough, getting time within release week is extremely hard to come by! Buckcherry released their eighth album ‘Warpaint’ via Century Media and long-time vocalist and last founding member Josh Todd took time to speak about their newest album.

The first topic of conversation was about the excitement levels within the band before the March 8th release date, and Todd pointed out, “Whilst it’s our eighth record and puts us at 20 years in the game, I hadn’t really thought about the longevity and everything until now! I’m really grateful, as it’s hard to have longevity in this game and we worked really hard on this record; we wrote about 30 songs for an 11-song record. Saying that, it was very reminiscent of the song writing process for ‘15’ and I feel this is Buckcherry’s best record since then.”

Buckcherry revisited a page from their earlier days, as they teamed up with Mike Plotnikoff for the first time since ‘15’ back in 2005. Talking about this partnership, Todd was quick to express, “It was well overdue!” before going into further detail as to why they worked together again:

“He’s made a gang of active rock records since then and we just like the sonic sound quality of what he did; plus we just wanted to have a good time making a Buckcherry record again. We had some line-up changes for Buckcherry, plus a lot of changes in general so it was time to have some fun again! We’re really grateful to have Mike as he’s a lovely guy and he’s super talented; we just went in there as we had the songs and just captured the true live essence of what makes Buckcherry great!”

‘Warpaint’ was the first time that Buckcherry went into the recording studio without long-time band mate Keith Nelson and Todd quipped, “It’s been two years since all that happened; plus for the last three years prior to his departure, it just wasn’t a band. It was long overdue and everybody’s happier; I’m happier, I’m sure he’s happier and that’s all that matters!” before going into more depth from a professional perspective:

“As far as Buckcherry’s concerned, I started this band recording on a four-track on the corner of my bed in my apartment. I brought this band from nothing and it wasn’t a problem moving forward, as it’s my baby and I love my band. It actually brought new energy to Buckcherry which kind of needed to happen, as the last big line-up change we had was before ‘15;’ plus we also had a three-year hiatus before that record came out. Historically, whenever there’s been a big change in this band, it’s always been for the better and that’s definitely what’s going on now!”

Unless you’ve somehow been hiding your head in a hole over the last few months, you’ll know that Buckcherry covered Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like A Hole for ‘Warpaint;’ after Todd states, “It was pretty much a no-brainer as the cover conversation always comes up when you’re making a record,” he breaks down the events that took place:

“We were in there set up to start tracking and I was throwing around ideas; I like to take a song that’s off the beaten path and for a rock band, a cover of a rock song isn’t really interesting to me. I’ve always loved the record ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ and thought it was amazing, as it was an independent record at the time and it had a vibe of an independent record; except this guy was doing electronics, yet it sounded like he made it on his keyboard in his apartment! It was raw, it was real, I was always into it and I really loved the lyrics; that last part is important, I have to really love the lyrics so I can own the song. Plus Trent Reznor’s vocal range is right in my wheelhouse, so I was like, ‘Let’s just jam this song, try to own it and make it our own as a rock song!’ What I didn’t know is that Mike was recording us,” he laughs. “After we finished, he called us into the control room and told us that we had to take a listen… we were kinda confused as we didn’t know what he was doing! Turns out he had created a rough mix of the song and BOOM, it just blew us away because it sounded like a Buckcherry song; at the end of the day, it just came about organically and that’s how good things happen! I’m super grateful for that and when you get to listen to the record as a whole, Head Like A Hole fits in there like we wrote it and that’s what you want to accomplish when you do a cover song.”

Not only is ‘Warpaint’ Buckcherry’s eighth album, it also marks 20 years since the release of their debut self-titled album. When asked about what keep the flame alive and Buckcherry in the studio / out on the road, Todd humbly explains, “Passion really; music I gotta tell you is the only thing that consistently makes me happy. It’s really therapeutic for me and I love building something from nothing. That’s what creating a record is all about, as you’re starting with nothing and building a house! Plus by the time it finally hits the streets, it’s almost like giving birth as it’s a long process and I‘m so excited for this to get to the public. I mean, we started writing this record at the end of 2017! I’ve always had a knack for lyrics and melodies since I started at 15 and I’m always writing songs, and not just Buckcherry songs either; whatever is thrown at me, whether it be electronic, hip hop or anything in between.”

Drawing the interview to a close, the final topic was about a visit to Australian shores before too long. Todd enthusiastically declares, “Our manager is actively working on it as we speak. I don’t know exact details, but we’re definitely coming back there and we can’t wait either, as we absolutely love coming there!”