The world’s fastest growing independent record label, Golden Robot Records, continues it’s upward trajectory into 2019. Starting the year off with a bang, the label recently welcomed guitar icons John Sykes and Gilby Clarke to the family, and is now thrilled to announce their latest signing.

While Golden Robot Records are known for featuring some of rocks most iconic acts, the label is also committed to ushering in the next generation. It is with that in mind that the label is proud to welcome Los Angeles based 4 piece, Trope, to the family!

Check out the teaser for ‘Lambs’ below.

Trope formed in 2016, when guitarist/producer Dave Thompson showed vocalist Diana Studenberg the embryo of what came to be their first song, Lambs.  The duo spent the next 2 years writing and recording while searching for bandmates who could keep up with the constant time signature changes and feel of their music. 

While reminiscent of A Perfect Circle or Tool with female vocals, Trope are much more than that. Their rich textures push them into progressive realms while their melodies keep them rooted in the alternative rock world. Meaning they are just at home playing a track with a dozen time changes or a four on the floor belter. Making their live show a jaw dropping experience.

Connect with Trope online:
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