It’s exactly two weeks before the Thrash Blast Grind Tour kicks off in Canberra, before it embarks on causing destruction and chaos throughout Australia and New Zealand! After recently getting to speak to Phil Anselmo who’s closing the night with his band The Illegals, this time the spotlight was on Toshi; the front man of PALM.

The opening topic of conversation was about the upcoming Thrash Blast Grind Tour and how PALM are getting to perform alongside the other amazing bands on the line-up; Toshi was very  humbled as he expressed “I can’t even put into words how honoured I am! Getting to play together again with our good mates King Parrot is awesome, not to mention the honour of playing with Philip Anselmo and the Illegals…!!! PANTERA got me into metal and really opened up my love for all that is heavy, and I must admit that Philip Anselmo is my all-time hero. If I had never come across PANTERA then certainly PALM would not have evolved the way it has and I would not be the person I am today. I still can’t believe that the day has come where I can tour with someone who has had such an impact on, and defined my roots in the musical world.”

Thrash Blast Grind Tour marks the third visit to Australia for PALM, with their previous two visits being in 2007 and 2013 respectively. Discussing the energy within the band about the long overdue return, Toshi quipped “I also can’t put into words how excited I am! (Haha) I have so many wonderful memories from my time in Australia and through music have so many amazing friends there too. If it was possible I would tour Australia every year, I have so much love for this country – I am really so glad we can tour there again!”

Touching on PALM’s newest album ‘To Live Is to Die, to Die Is to Live’ and getting to perform songs from it for Australian fans, Toshi enthusiastically stated “I’m really looking forward to it. We still haven’t sorted out the final set list, but we are planning to play over half the tracks off the new album and if everyone gets into them I would be stoked. If there is anyone who hasn’t had a listen yet you can check it out on Spotify and iTunes.”

After instructing attendees to prepare themselves for “smashing heaps of beer, screaming and head banging, moshing and circle-pitting; then once that’s done having a sneaky spew to reinvigorate oneself to get back in to do the same for the next band!” and closing with a small chuckle, Toshi drew the interview to a close and wanted everyone to know “I’m so honoured that we get another opportunity to play shows in Australia and cannot wait to hangout with heaps of old and new mates.”